September 24, 2009

BNP politician Richard Barnbrook faces ban after 'making up' murders

The BNP’s representative on the London Assembly is facing a six-month ban after he fabricated murder stories to increase fear of knife crime

Richard Barnbrook, who is accused of bringing the authority into disrepute, may become the first politician in its history to be suspended when the case is heard today. An independent investigation found that Mr Barnbrook’s comments on YouTube about non-existent murders had showed “wilful disregard for the truth”. He said that he had got his words “jumbled up”.

City Hall’s standards committee will consider a penalty for Mr Barnbrook, who was elected in May, after he was found to have brought both the London Assembly, and Barking and Dagenham Council, the East London authority to which he was elected in 2006, into disrepute. Their options range from forcing him to apologise, undertake a course or participate in conciliation, to suspending him from both authorities for up to six months.

Supporters of both the BNP and Unite Against Fascism, which campaigns against rightwing groups, are planning to attend the hearing. London Patriots, a fringe rightwing organisation, says it will bus supporters to City Hall, raising fears of clashes between the groups.

In a video, which was posted on YouTube in May last year, Mr Barnbrook said: “Three weeks ago, there was a murder of a young girl. We don’t know who’s done it, her girlfriend was attacked inside an educational institute. Again, two weeks ago there was another attack by knives on the streets of Barking and Dagenham where two people were murdered.”

The Metropolitan police confirmed that there had been no murders or serious incidents in the time period cited, and that murders in the area were actually decreasing.

During a joint investigation by the GLA and the council, Mr Barnbrook admitted to investigators that he was aware that his comments were inaccurate. He was accused of making up the murders because knife crime was an emotive issue in the capital at the time. Valerie Rush, a Labour cabinet member at Barking and Dagenham Council, who made a complaint about Mr Barnbrook, said he had “openly and outrageously” lied to “whip up fears in the London community”.

Mr Barnbrook has since changed his position and yesterday told The Times that his comments should be excused because he had dyslexia. He said that he was the subject of a witchhunt because he had “humiliated” Boris Johnson, and his Tory colleagues, by highlighting the issue of knife crime.

Referring to the “young girl” he had spoken about in the video, he said: “I said she was murdered in Barking, but I should have said she was from Barking. She was actually murdered in Newham. The two additional murders that I spoke about, I should have said attempted murders. We had done five takes of the video. Some of the words would have got jumbled up.”

He said that once he realised the video was incorrect, it was removed.

Mr Barnbrook had been the most senior elected member of the BNP until June, when its leader Nick Griffin and Andrew Brons were both voted into the European Parliament. His disciplinary hearing was scheduled for July but was delayed when he claimed stress-related illness and was signed off work for two weeks.

Times Online


Anonymous said...

Like a rat jumping from a sinking ship Barnes has announced he's to 'ill' to be with Barnbrook in his hour of need today (Although I note he's well enough to churn out vast amounts of the usual bilge on his blog). He also posts a huge amount of legal bullshit about how the hearing is biased & unfair. Needless to say there is no mention of barnbrooks flagrant lies.

My guess is the bnp have decided barnbrook is a liability & have decided to cut him loose.


Marianne said...

"London Patriots, a fringe rightwing organisation..."

London Patriots is just London BNP's internet presence, called that because the BNP leadership does not trust its own members to run a non-embarrassing website.

Anonymous said...

As one of their so called leaders used to so very regularly "why let the truth get in the way of a good story" Seems they all agree with this sentiment.

Landale said...

seems it could be on the webcast....

Bumbrook's next film :-)

They'll make the desicion at the start of the hearing - which I believe starts at 2pm.

I wonder if his co-star will be Barnes or Darby?

tgffbgf said...

This guys a wanker. The sooner he's kicked out of office the better.

Anonymous said...

I am reliably informed the Dicky will be flying solo, shame that was so looking forward to watching Barnes perform.

still hey ho, will still take the pop corn


Anonymous said...

My guess is the bnp have decided barnbrook is a liability & have decided to cut him loose.

It does look that way - but then he IS a liability.

West Midlands Unity said...

It sounds as though it's back to porn-directing, Barncrook :)

Maybe as a final farewell to
Gri££in, maybe Barncrook could leak the entire BNP would be great to see their incompetence in front of the general public again.

mike bells thong said...

The BNP is full of liabilites they may as well rename the sinking ship the BEAU BELL BARNES BARNBROOK.

Anonymous said...

Your a bunch of child molesting cunts FACT

eric the fish said...

Note all the pro-BNP comments on The Times piece. BNP army or just ignorant Times readers?

Antifascist said...

'Your a bunch of child molesting cunts FACT'

You're an idiot FACT

Odd how supporters of the BNP are so obsessed with calling the opposition child molestors. Must be Collett-Hannam syndrome.

D D said...

"Must be Collett-Hannam syndrome."

Its amazing how many BNP members suffer from that!

Marianne said...

Barnbrook is defending himself by hiding behind his disability – dyslexia. That's a big change from earlier this year when the BNP’s central London organiser Jeff Marshall wrote there is no point keeping disabled people alive.

He also said: “We live in a country today which is unhealthily dominated by an excess of sentimentality towards the weak and unproductive. No good will come of it.”

Remember also Tony Lecomber who, when he was a BNP national officer, advocated a “racially purer” Britain through the sterilisation of the poor, the sick and the disabled.

Pete Green said...

Lee Barnes has gone off his rocker today. That's why he's not there supporting the Dancing Queen. Referring to Dicky's dyslexia and how we're punishing him for his disability (apparently dyslexia makes you a fucking liar), Bonkers ends with

"Today true Fascism in England is born.

The distance between the rulers and the ruled is now too distant - a rebellion has begun.

Today The Times are a'changing - and a New Britain is being born.

Yet they have created a martyr, a peoples champion out of Richard.

From out of the lions den, a Daniel will walk.

Rue this day you fools, for today is the day your Hubris led to your Nemesis.

Today the Revolution begins."

Medication time again is it?

Anonymous said...

"Your a bunch of child molesting cunts FACT"

Fuck off freak

Marianne said...

Pete Green said "Lee Barnes has gone off his rocker today."

No that's a permanent condition.

West Midlands Unity said...

"Your a bunch of child molesting cunts FACT"

And how many BNP members are already convicted child molesters?

(That we already know of)

Roderick Rowley, a former BNP candidate in Coventry, is imprisoned for 15 months after admitting 14 charges of making, distributing or possessing obscene images of children. He is also ordered to register as a sex offender for ten years

Ian Hindle-Jailed for three years for having sex with a child

Andrew Wells
Jailed for two years and three months after admitting engaging in sexual activity with a child and engaging in sexual activity in the presence of a child.

I'll wager there are thousands more...

West Midlands Unity said...

Lee Barnes reminds me of "Wild Bill" from the film, Green Mile...

Blue Jobb said...



Another front group for the BNP, perhaps related to the EDL Casuals?

Perhaps they are Bumbrook's secret bottom buddies?

Dicky's Arse Dildo said...

Why is Looney Lee Barnes still supporting Dicky Bumbrook after he has let the party down big time?

It doesn't make sense!

Anonymous said...

Got his words muddled up?

So he's pleading pissed in his own defence?

How blessed we Londoners are to have such a stable individual representing us on the Assembly.

Findus said...

Maybe the troll posting the repeated "paedos" bullshit comments is actually Mark "Pram Snatcher" Collett himself, trying to take the heat off the Blackpool underage girls incident, when he tried to sexually abuse the two fourteen year old girls along with fellow nonce Dave Hannam?

It makes you wander what creepy little Collett does, while living like a pimp doing fuck all on his BNP graphic design wages.

Why the police didn't even interview Collett or Hannam does stink of state protection. Sorry!

Vile Welshpool Secrets said...

Wander if any BNP members from Welshpool have ever engaged in kiddy fiddling activities?

Remember when Child Groomer Collett talked about "going Queen's evidence"???

If only such rumours could be proven, the BNP would be finished in a matter of seconds.

Perhaps some of rebels (if they still exist) might want to put the stake in the heart of Cyclops.

ChildLineFan said...

Lock your toddlers up, Mark Collettes about!

SGT said...

The BNP troll has infact by stupidly accusing you of being perverts caused the allegations surrounding Collet and Hannam to return.

Looks like the abuse has backfired bigtime particularly if somebody steps forward because of this as a witness to the Blackpool Hotel incident and goes straight to the bill.

Anonymous said...

The Queen's Evidence thing was extremely fishy.

Maybe there's a pedophile ring operating at the top of the BNP which would ensure ranks would be permanently closed and there would never be a serious challenge for leadership.

Didn't Sharon Ebanks once write on some bn blog, suggesting this was the case?

Problem is, nobody believes Ebanks.

... :) said...

A can of kiddyfiddling worms is being reopened thanks to this arrogant bnp troll. lol

Concerned Parent said...

Would explain why Collett is untouchable, for is he was thrown to the dogs, others would follow.

As all members are of equal guilt, this is why paedophile rings operate in a clique of secrecy.

Antifascist said...

Try to use 'allegedly' or something similar a bit more frequently, people. I just had to dump a load of comments which may well have been true but if not, were certainly libellous.

The Professor said...

If Mark Collett is himself the brainless BNP troll, accusing others of being paedophiles like himelf, might be a way of normalising his own perversions, falsely convincing himself that child abuse is widespread amongst his opponents.

Most child abusers know what they do is wrong, as with racists, but they continue to abuse (and be racist) as a mental compulsion.

This would explain why the far right is a magnet for nonces.

lubricant lil said...

Lee Barnes and Dicky Bumbrook "allegedly' have penises for brains.

PG said...

If PaedoBoy sued, skeletons would fall out of closets left, right and centre.

Even pretend lawyers like Lunatic Lee Barnes know the score!

Anonymous said...

I don't know whether Griffin is a paedo but he is meant to have shagged Martin Webster (or perhaps the other way round)



Antifascist said...

'Lee Barnes and Dicky Bumbrook "allegedly' have penises for brains.'

You don't need to use 'allegedly' when stating fact. They DO have penises for brains.

Loinah said...

Mark Collett allegedly has the smallest willy in the world.

So said a girl at Leeds University who refused to take his virginity while he was a student there, which resulted in Collett hating all women.

Webster must have allegedly been blind drunk to fall for his diminuitive carnal charms.

Anonymous said...

barnbrooke will be drunk & do something at the hearing with any luck.

djsmallcock said...

Mark Collett has just half a penis for a brain.

iliacus said...

"Collett has a penis for a brain"


A penis has a function.