September 25, 2009

Labour routs BNP by-election challenge

Labour has repulsed a council by-election challenge by the BNP - ahead of its party conference next week

In a landslide victory, candidate Stephen King lifted the majority at Hayling, Three Rivers District, Hertfordshire from just 14 votes to 317 with the far right party being forced into third place. The result is a boost for Labour in advance of the Brighton gathering despite analysis of 18 comparable contests in September suggesting an 11.7% projected Tory nationwide lead.

A calculation based on results from 12 wards fought both times by all three major parties gives a line-up of: C 38.3%, Lab 27.4%, Lib Dem 24.2%.

Tories narrowly missed a gain this week at Elwick, Hartlepool Borough in a contest caused by the death of a veteran independent.

Peter Burnett, fighting on a platform of “public services not private profit”, came third ahead of Liberal Democrats at Preston, North Tyneside Borough. This poll was caused by the resignation as a councillor of Tory Linda Arkley after her election as mayor in June.

In another disappointing result in their conference week, Lib Dems polled just 17 in the Hartlepool result although they doubled their vote at Burrsville, Tendring District, Essex.

Local Government Chronicle


West Midlands Unity said...

Although i'm not on the greatest of terms with Labour at the moment, I would much prefer a party from the left to hoover up a seat from the fash, rather the capitalists :)

West Midlands Unity said...

Sukant Chandan kicks both the EDL & BNP's arse on Press TV

We need this guy on question time in October:

Grease Monkey said...

The BNP has well and truly lost its radical edge, as it is set to become "just another party" by participating on Question Time".

It's piratical, fly-in-the-ointment protest vote value is dead in the water, and will result in the slow and painful death of the party as members leave in their droves before the next general election.

Like the fat boy in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory who was allowed to gorge on chocolate so he could die an death of misadventure, since Copeland who we all know is a BNP member, the "powers that be" decided that the best way to kill the beast, was to show it love. State collusion, repeated favourable tabloid headlines about immigration, all these factors gave the bait to the BNP that it could make a significant electoral victory.

As it happened, it has taken the lies, deception and fraud of Gri££in (and now Bumbrook) to make BNP members openly question whether the BNP winning power via the ballot box was the biggest far right sell out in history.

The EDL Casuals are apparently being trained up in electoral practises to become the new BNP, to keep the volatile and British far right on the straight and narrow.

Anonymous said...

Grease Monkey you make out that we all live in a Matrix! The EDL are a semi-autonomous group possibly manipulated by the state as a honey-trap (for the right and fundamentalists) no more no less. I doubt most participants have voted let alone been 'trained in electoral practices'!