September 12, 2009

Hitler worship, pervert sex videos and racist postings of jailed BNP weapons importer Michael Winfield

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Last month, Nottingham Crown Court jailed BNP member Michael Winfield for illegally importing lethal, offensive weapons he had purchased from a neo-nazi group in the United States. When police raided the home of Michael Winfield back in December 2007, not only did they discover the weapons but also Michael Winfield’s disturbing collection of neo-nazi books, BNP pamphlets, racist stickers and a photograph of himself brandishing a weapon.

In this article, we reveal Michael Winfield’s postings in praise of Hitler and the US neo-nazi killer David Lane; his sex video; and, his racist postings against Jews and Blacks.

Michael Winfield’s praise of Hitler

In the comments section of a YouTube video on failed British fascist leader Oswald Mosley, Michael Winfield, posting as ‘Heckles300’, claims to be devotee of Adolf Hitler in his following posting:

“We adhere ourselves to Hitler and his policies because he was the only man with ebough courage”

Michael Winfield further confirms his devotion to Hitler by ending his tribute to the neo-nazi killer David Lane with ‘Heil Hitler’ in the form of the neo-nazi symbol ‘88’. Eighty-eight is used as code among neo-nazis to identify each other. ‘H’ is the 8th letter of the alphabet, so 88 is taken to stand for HH which in turn means ‘Heil Hitler’. Why one would boast of being an adherent to Hitler, given his failure and private sexual perversions, is incomprehensible to an ordinary, well-adjusted person. But, Hitler, being a massive loser, will always attract other inadequate losers such as BNP member Michael Winfield. Indeed, one only has to look towards past and current BNP leaders such as John Tyndall and Nick Griffin to see that the dark fascination with Hitler is hard-wired in the hard-core malfeasant BNP mind.

Michael Winfield’s praise of David Lane

Posting under his forename, Michael Winfield posted the following message on a nazi website in praise of deceased neo-nazi killer David Lane:

“A great loss to our great movement, he will surely be missed but let us never forget the famous 14 words by which we all should be living by: We must secure the existence of our people and a future for White Children 14/88”

David Lane is one of the most notorious and violent neo-nazis of the modern era. David Lane founded the neo-nazi terrorist group The Order which embarked on a killing and robbery spree across the United States in the 1980s. Prior to founding The Order, David Lane was an organiser for the Klu Klux Klan and then the Aryan Nations. David Lane was eventually jailed for 190 years for, amongst things, the racist killing of Jewish radio talk show host Alan Berg and racketeering crimes.

Michael Winfield’s pervert sex video

Under the moniker Heckles300, Michael Winfield posted his home-made video ‘XXX Hardcore Porn Advice’ on YouTube. Michael Winfield describes his video as follows:

“the wizard of rothsdale graces us with his presence once again and delivers some extreme advice on cock sex fuck piss shit tag words wanker dead people eat grapes”

That video, featuring a man in a balaclava talking to the camera, can be viewed here:

Michael Winfield’s description of his video is interesting. Given its sexual depravity, it makes a mockery of the BNP’s claim to be an upstanding, moral party.

Michael Winfield’s racist postings against Jews and Blacks

In response to a YouTube video interview by an Asian man with a BNP member, Michael Winfield posted, again as Heckles300, the following racist abuse against Jews and Blacks:

“yeh ya entirely right gee must of been all those spear chucking africoons that came up with all the medical breakthroughs we all take for granted. wow im surprised white people are still alive thank the lord all those greedy money grabbing jews keep us alive by robbing us left right and centre”.

In response to another YouTube video (on the topic of racism), Michael Winfield again racially abuses Jews and Blacks in his following posting:

“fucks sake whoever put this shit up needs to get a life moronic jew fucker probably, ooo hope im not being to racist for you faggit loving jew nigger >:-( "

One is not surprised that a BNP member is publically racially abusing Jews and Blacks.

Michael Winfield as representative of BNP members

With his fascination for all things nazi and Hitler, inspired by the oft-violent contemporary neo-nazi scene in the United States, and racially abusive towards Jews and non-Whites, Michael Winfield is, unsurprisingly, broadly representative of many BNP members. In particular, his praise for David Lane especially stands out. It serves as a timely reminder to the British public of the cross-over between US-based neo-nazi groups and the BNP. Such groups exert a considerable influence on many BNP members who see their racist US counterparts as sources of emulation. BNP members such as Michael Winfield are undoubtedly attracted by their central ideology of an inevitable race-war and have attempted to import their visions for an impending racial apocalypse into the United Kingdom. To date, they have been frustrated by the vigilance of the police and the public. But, we should not let our guard down - the BNP harbours many far-right lunatics such as Michael Winfield who are only too willingly to act on their violent racist impulses and fantasies. Indeed, it is a well documented BNP strategy to whip up racial tensions in major urban centres with a view to exploiting those tensions for electoral gain. We ignore them at our peril.

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Berry said...

Funny how the BNP failed to disassociate themselves from this arsehole (unlike Robert Cottage for instance), which proves that they have a hardcore neo-Nazi core, and always will have, despite having to allow non-white members into the party.

Anonymous said...

A really interesting piece, that goes some way to explaining the increase in violence on the streets, but not far enough.

There appears to me, and I am probably wrong, that since Griffin got himself elected to europe and is now perceived to be part of the establishment, those who supported him in his fight against the establishment now view him as part of it.

that is why we now have the splinter groups popping up and causing violence on the streets.

They only believe in violence, and they supported Griffin when he talked their language, but of course he has changed and so has the language of the BNP, and it will change even further as the months roll on.

So the war will come to the streets, this is what they want, and I really dont know how we stop or prevent it.


Pete Green said...

Another well-researched article. Thanks Hexapla.

Anonymous said...

"the BNP’s claim to be an upstanding, moral party"

Martin Reynolds - pervert
Nick Griffin - pervert
Mark Collett - pervert
Dave Hannam - pervert
Andrew Wells - pervert
Ian Hindle - pervert

This list could go on forever...

bruceybaby said...

The boneheaded EDL Casuals thugs can be stopped in their tracks by the police and their Football Intelligence Unit!