September 04, 2009

Refuting the twisted racist hate of BNP member Vivienne Parker

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Vile BNP member Vivienne Parker has unsupervised access to psychologically vulnerable and physically disabled persons. With her internet race hate postings against Blacks, Ghurkas, Asians and Muslims exposed, there is the real prospect that disabled non-White persons may be at risk of abuse at the hands of Vivienne Parker.

Vivienne Parker’s racial abuse of Blacks as “evil savages” full of “wickedness”

My interest in BNP member Vivienne Parker was originally elicited by her following internet posting in which she racially abuses Blacks in the most repugnant and vitriolic of terms:

“God created negroes black as a warning. They are mostly evil savages and cannot be trusted. everywhere they go they create mayhem,evil and ghettoes. All of Africa stinks,esp.sub-saharan African which oozes with wickedness and evil behaviour. Taking blacks into civilized countries is a big mistake and the price will be paid in perpetuity as blacks scrounge off welfare and predate decent white people.”

Vivienne Parker’s attack on British Ghurkha soldiers

Alas, for purveyors of civility this is not an isolated, random outburst by Downham Market-resident Vivienne Parker. Not content with drubbing Black people with her caustic BNP tongue, Vivienne Parker attacks Ghurkha soldiers, who have so bravely served our country, in her following posting on The Times website:

“I do not agree with allowing Gurkhas to settle in the UK. They get a contract of service so why should we then be saddled with them and their grannies. Another huge financial drop on the UK taxpayer. If this becomes the normal I think its time to end Gurkha recruitment to the British army for good. Viv Parker, Norfolk, UK”

Given that only a few hundred Gurkhas will eventually settle in the UK and given that they defended our country, why is Vivienne Parker getting bent out of shape by the prospect of a small number of Gurkha soldiers taking up British citizenship? Because the Gurkhas are non-White, naturally Vivienne Parker and the BNP hate them for this random accident of birth.

Vivienne Parker’s racial abuse of Asians and Muslims as “evil” and “parasites”

In numerous postings on the BNP website and elsewhere, Vivienne Parker goes on to racially abuses Asians, Pakistanis and Muslims as “parasites” and “evil”. These are quite sweeping and profoundly racist statements. Alarmingly, Vivienne Parker (who partly resides in Spain) has unsupervised access to physically disabled persons and pensioners. In light of Vivienne Parker’s racist views we wonder how such a person is permitted unfettered access to such vulnerable groups.

Refuting the racist lies of Vivienne Parker’s BNP postings

Like all good fascists and racists, Vivienne Parker has a severe aversion to empirical facts and an inherent, indisputable inclination towards lies, hyperbole and hysteria (a BNP specialism). In this section, we dissect and refute Vivienne Parker’s racist claims against Asians, Pakistanis and Muslims made on the BNP website in her two following postings:

“As long as we ‘reward’ these people for breeding they will continue to come and breed. Family allowances and child allowances were designed for the nuclear family of 1-3 children. Its quite normal for Asians to have 7-14 children and with Islamics having more than one wife the whole process is a real moneyspinner for them. We need to pay for the first 3 children only. That would help solve the breeding problem of these parasites”.


“The average Pakistani family have 7 kids and this is in the UK. How much is that in child support?”


Viv Parker Racist Claim No. 1: “Its quite normal for Asians to have 7-14 children

This is a lie by Vivienne Parker. According to the government’s UK Statistics Authority no Asian group in the UK has 7-14 children per couple as Vivienne Parker fantastically claims! Unlike Vivienne Parker, the UK Statistics Authority breakdown the category ‘Asian’ and accordingly provide empirically-grounded figures for each of the main three Asian sub-categories as follows:

Indian women (comprised of Muslims, Hindus, Sikhs, Buddhists and Christians): average 2.4 children

Pakistani women: average 3.4 children

Bangladeshi women: average 3.6 children


So, it is clear that ‘Asians’ don’t have 7-14 children as Vivienne Parker’s made-up racist claims on the BNP website state. Vivienne Parker Lie No.1 refuted.

Vivienne Parker Racist Claim No. 2: “The average Pakistani family have 7 kids

Another classic Vivienne Parker lie. As we have seen from the above UK Statistics Authority figures, a Pakistani woman in the UK has on average 3.4 children, not seven children. Vivienne Parker Lie No.2 refuted.

Vivienne Parker Racist Claim No. 3: “with Islamics having more than one wife

The number of British Muslims in polygamous marriages does not even reach one-tenth of one percent of all Muslims in the UK! Pejoratively referring to Muslims as ‘Islamics’, Vivienne Parker again does not provide any evidence for her unfounded lies. In fact, based on Department for Work and Pensions figures for the number of polygamous marriages in the UK (not all them Muslim), only 0.06% of Muslims are estimated to be in polygamous relationships! The actual figure could be even lower. Vivienne Parker Lie No.3 refuted.

Vivienne Parker Racist Claim No. 4: “How much is that in child support

Vivienne Parker doesn’t know what ‘child support’ is! No one in the UK can claim child support from the government! Child support is a private arrangement between two private citizens using their own private funds! Child support payments arise when a child’s parents separate, live apart and the child lives with one of their parents. One parent pays money to the other parent with whom the child lives. Once again Vivienne Parker exposes her own ignorance (coupled with a great deal of arrogance to make any of her claims in the first place). Vivienne Parker is trying to imply, based on her lie that the average British Pakistani family has seven children (refuted above), that Pakistanis are a drain on public resources by claiming ‘child support’ for their mythically large families. Vivienne Parker Lie No.4 refuted.

Viv Parker Racist Claim No. 5: “As long as we ‘reward’ these people for breeding they will continue to come and breed. Family allowances and child allowances

Again, Vivienne Parker is trying to assert that Asians and Muslims are sponging off the welfare state by claiming family allowances and child allowances. This is another Vivienne Parker lie. Research by the famous and respected Fawcett Society reveals that 30% of people from ethnic minorities eligible for benefits do not receive them; that Pakistani and Bangladeshi families are more likely to be ineligible for child benefits and child tax credits; and, that black women have the least access to free childcare. Vivienne Parker Lie No.5 refuted.

Mad dogs and BNP members: Vivienne ‘The Patriot’ Parker tells us that Spain is better than Britain!

It is clear that Vivienne Parker has spent too much time in the hot Spanish sun. The distinct image of ‘Mad dogs and BNP members’ irreverently comes to mind. In addition to her online rants, perhaps Vivienne Parker should stop writing letters to her local newspaper to tell us how much better Spain is then Britain and how unbelievably cheap property in Spain. One would hazard a guess that the Spanish don’t exactly go out of their way to invite BNP parochialites such as Vivienne Parker to their Moorish-tinged Iberian shores. Further, if Vivienne Parker doesn’t like immigrants in Britain, then she’s definitely not going to the fact that immigrants make up a greater proportion of the Spanish population than here in the UK.

Can Vivienne Parker self-hypnotise herself out of her own BNP stupidity?

Vivienne Parker claims to be a ‘transpersonal hypnotherapist’ providing past-life regression services to those persons she describes as having “deep rooted problems and issues”. This raises the serious prospect that she has access to vulnerable persons who could be exploited by Vivienne Parker’s racist agenda. Interestingly, Vivienne Parker describes past-life regression as a therapeutic tool that “is very effective for all sorts of phobias and behaviour fixations”. We suggest that Vivienne Parker appropriate her self-accredited therapeutic skills and self-hypnotise herself out of her own self-induced phobias and behaviour fixations – her overwhelming and neurotic racist obsession with non-Whites. Vivienne Parker may also find the following organisation for hypnotherapists particularly useful: the London-based Prevention of Professional Abuse Network. It is referred to in a hypnotherapist article, Professional Abuse. The article lists six areas where therapists can abuse clients in violation of their professional ethics. One of those areas is racism. The article explains that:

“Racial abuse can be both direct and indirect, and can also be surprisingly discrete. A number of years ago a relationship between a supervisor and the therapist under supervision deteriorated when the supervisor learned that their supervisee was involved in a long term and stable inter-racial relationship. Nothing was ever said but a lot was communicated in other ways. Racism is not always a colour issue either – prejudices are frequently pervasive and often ill defined”.

The hypnotherapist community, via best practice, is trying to rid itself of, amongst other things, racist practitioners. Yet, Vivienne Parker is intent, it seems, through the practice of her racist beliefs, on impeding such efforts.

What further concerns us is that Vivienne Parker is the organiser for the Downham Happy Circle Disabled Club for physically disabled persons (most of the members are pensioners). Now, what if some of those disabled persons are Black, Asian or Muslim? Given her rabid hatred for non-Whites, can Vivienne Parker, we ask, be trusted in such a position of responsibility? No BNP member can, especially Vivienne Parker. Not only does she gratuitously defend the racist killers of Black teenager Stephen Lawrence in a twisted posting on the Daily Mail website but she comes to close to admitting to a desire for physical violence against Muslim women in her following internet posting:

Whenever I see a [Muslim] woman in the UK wearing either the niquab or burka I have an overwhelming desire to ...

Why don’t you finish that thought Vivienne Parker?

¡No PasarĂ¡n!


Anonymous said...

Very good, Hex. A credit to you.

Anonymous said...

The internet is a great organising tool but it also gives a platform to vile racists like Parker. There were plenty of people like her with the NF back in the 70's but they had to resort to writing to newspapers in green ink and their ramblings, invariably, weren't published.

Now they can spout their delusions on the web.

EDL Suck! said...

I just came across a prize quote from the EDL Casuals on the BBC website: -

"I'm not racist," 21-year-old Gavin told Newsbeat. "But if they don't like it here they should just go back to their own country."

This stupid twat of a racist obviously hasn't realised there are such a thing as British Muslims.

Priceless, lol......

Hope Thicko Gavin is stopped in his tracks by the railway police tomorrow, while travelling up to Birmingham, and has to spend the day in the cells beside rapists, murderers, drug addicts and drunks to see what lowlifes racists share moral and ethical company lol

Wander how many ASBOS football hooligan Gavin has earnt in his years of being an arsewipe!

Anonymous said...

Seik Heil, Vivienne!!!

Brummie said...

Disabled people are as much reviled by the BNP as any other group perceived by society as weak and vulnerable

sal said...

According to Hope Not Hate, the Birmingham United music event was cancelled because of one killjoy (and most probably Enoch Powellite) Conserative councillor in Birmingham called Peter Douglas Osborn, who chairs the licensing committee.

Instead of music, Birmingham Council want fist fights, knives, bottles, and burning buildings by allowing the neo-Nazi thugs free reign to smash up Birmingham Town.

There's no accounting for taste.

David Cameron must sort out the hardcore racists hiding within the Tory Party as well as speaking out against the BNP.

Dinosaurs like Osborn need to be expelled from the Tory party forthwith.

So much for Cameron's "centre-right" Conservative Party being modern and tolerant.

Paddy W said...

When Vivienne Parker was herself spiritually regressed, she found out she was Eva Braun, lol

Or at least she wished she had been.

Can't believe the BNP is full of weirdoes who mix paranormal Lee Barnes-type shit with pseudo-science and race hate.

Lee Barnes ought to ask her out on a date!

ASA said...

Sounds a lot like Lee Barnes, a hate-driven pseudo-scientific charlatan. Sadly she shouldn't be in charge of a disabled person's group, as if the BNP were in power, people like her would most happily send them to their deaths at concentration camps, the evil bitch!

Anonymous said...

"Lee Barnes ought to ask her out on a date!"


Anonymous said...

There were thousands of disabled people murdered in Adolf Hitler's concentration camps.

Anonymous said...

That EDL tosser Gavin sounds reet thick!

Why is the far right appeal most to absolute cretins?

Susan said...

Yet another evil and twisted antisocial misfit attracted to Nick Gri££ins BNP (aptly) like beetles to a dollop of cowshit.

Anonymous said...

She doesn't deserve to have kids of her own, judging on what happened to the long-suffering Kemp family.

Brummie said...

Peter Douglas-Osborn repersents the white lower class (and BNP threatened) Weoley ward, but the address he's given is in B18, one of Brum's most multicultural suburbs.

Another shameful deed by this man is that he has reported Nick Lowles to the police for being a 'troublemaker'.

He's probably on the phone to Tina Wingfield right now negotiating his defection, hopefully David Cameron will sort him out before he does.

C Bain said...

Appaently large department stores lost 15% of their expected saturday takings during the last E.D.L. Casuals riot.

I hope the large retailers pull out of Birmingham to hit the council in the pocket where it hurts the most.

I wander if shops can sue the council for loss of takings, possibly by using no-win, no-fee solicitors?

Hope so!

Anonymous said...

Has David Cameron got the guts to tell cryptofascist Osborn to fuck off from the Conservative Party for being a BNP sympathiser?

Anonymous said...

"just came across a prize quote from the EDL Casuals on the BBC website: - "

My favourite EDL Casuals quote was when they described themselves as:

"We are a collection of businessmen, women and football hooligans"


Anonymous said...


Downham Happy Circle is a club for physically disabled persons (most of our members are pensioners) and we can take the physically disabled even if wheelchair bound as members.

Transport is provided for our once a month meetings at the Red Cross rooms and we either have interesting speakers or a few times a year go on outside visits and outings.

We meet the second Tuesday in each month. If you are interested in joining contact Vivienne who can visit you and discuss your needs and give you a programme of events.

We are a very friendly group and look forward to hearing from you.

Contact Organiser

Vivienne Parker

Tel:xxxxx xxxxxx

E mail xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

EXPOSED as a Nazi.

Puzzled< said...

I might be being incredibly niave but why does the police and the government allow football hooligans to in-effect break the law?

Didn't the recent religious and racial hatred bill make marching down streets shouting offensive racial slogans an arrestable offence?

Or is the law only used to arrest Islamic extremists, while far right thugs escape censure?

The trouble with the government is, they only seem interested in combatting one type of extremism and not the other.

If tomorrow, racist thugs are able to pass by policemen using the P Word (p*ki), without being arrested, and yet, arresting pro-Islamic protestors for expressing valid opinion on the War On Iraq, this is an absolute travesty of justice.

Anonymous said...

My mate errol is now thinking of joining the BNP,if his mom was alive what would she think ?

Gee said...

Looks like the thuggish footie hooligans of the EDL Casuals are also planning violence on the anniversary of 9/11 in Harrow

Anonymous said...

Brummie said...
Disabled people are as much reviled by the BNP as any other group perceived by society as weak and vulnerable

5:15 PM, September 04, 2009

Be carefull because they have loads of disabled people in that party.

Anonymous said...

David Cameron must sort out the hardcore racists hiding within the Tory Party as well as speaking out against the BNP.

Cameron was adviser to Michael Howard when he was leader. He was anti-EU and it was on his advice they were talking tough on immigration. He is right wing or left wing, it depends who he's talking to.

Anonymous said...

"My mate errol is now thinking of joining the BNP,if his mom was alive what would she think"?


Brummie said...

Be carefull because they have loads of disabled people in that party.

They also have benefit claimants and single mums with loads of kids in the organisation, having been conned by Griffin and his cronies into joining, but it doesn't necessarily mean they are not as a Fascist Right party hostile to such people. I know somebody in Wales who was sweet talked into joining the BNP and she has an ongoing mental health issue.

What did that certain BNP member say recently say about how he hates it how weaknesses in our society is rewarded or something along those lines??


In the words of the BBC, the EDL Casuals met to "demonstrate against Islamic extremism".

No Auntie Beeb, they met for a bloody nasty fight. Get your facts right, BBC.

The only good thing about this press report was the irony. It features a very ironic photo that shows the moronic racist hooligans messing around upstairs on a bus like vandal schoolkids with the word "SORRY!"


LOL (ironic!)

Sorry is not good enough for neither the council or the chief constable!