September 09, 2009

Sick Heil

Croatian football chiefs are using a sick fascist hatemonger to whip up a vile racist frenzy among fans

A Sun investigation today reveals the Croatian FA is behind a cynical campaign encouraging thugs - who will be at Wembley for tomorrow's match against England - to worship the right-wing nut spreading hatred and Sieg Heil chants on the terraces.

Shocking songs by fascist rocker Marko Perkovic that glorify genocide and Hitler's death camps are played at Croatia's home matches. And his sick slogans are chanted by thousands of fans.

England striker Emile Heskey was subjected to sinister obscenities and disgusting monkey chants the last time the two sides met. The squad for the World Cup qualifier boasts a host of black stars including Heskey, goal ace Jermain Defoe and Ashley Cole.

Perkovic - nicknamed Thompson after the machinegun he used in the Balkans war - is loved by fans of the Croatia side. They are notorious for wearing the uniform of the Nazis' puppet Ustashe regime that ran Croatia during World War II. The songs are blasted out to crank up intimidation levels inside Zagreb's Maksimir Stadium. It instantly provokes a fascist fervour as fans - who once formed a human swastika on the terraces - launch into the Sieg Heil salutes popular at Thompson's concerts.

Fans repeatedly chant the notorious Ustashe war cry "Za dom - Spremni", which means "For the Homeland - ready" and is popularised in Thompson's songs.

Croatia's football chiefs have been repeatedly condemned by FIFA and punished over fans' racist thuggery. Yet stadium security chiefs make no attempt to curb the show of hate, which inevitably continues when fans follow the team abroad.

Team manager Slaven Bilic has even admitted playing Thompson's music in the dressing room to fire up his players, who include Arsenal striker Eduardo. The Sun witnessed the tactic being used to stir a 30,000-strong crowd into fascist chants and salutes at Croatia's home match against Belarus last Saturday. About 8,000 of those fans are expected at Wembley tomorrow.

Our investigators also attended a Thompson concert, where bare-chested fans openly gave the stiff-armed Sieg Heil salute while proudly waving Croatian flags. Some even took SWORDS to the show - where Thompson, 42, posed on stage with his own blade. Thompson, an avid footie fan who wears paramilitary costume at gigs, is a cult figure on white supremacist website Stormfront.

He has been barred from performing in countries including the Netherlands and Austria because of security fears. He glorifies the Ustashe regime which committed genocide in World War II and his chilling lyrics glamorise Nazi concentration camps where 90,000 innocent Jews, gipsies and Serbs were murdered. He also backs Croat generals who committed crimes against humanity during the bloody Balkans conflict in the 1990s.

His official video for one song, hailed as Croatia's footie anthem, honours warlord Mate Boban, who led a 1990s genocide campaign. Croatia's fans and players reacted angrily when the song was not played at a 2007 match against Israel for fear of causing offence.

Human rights campaigners demanded FIFA take action against Croatia for promoting Thompson. Nazi hunter Dr Efraim Zuroff, of the Simon Wiesenthal Centre said: "It is unacceptable, irresponsible and dangerous. His lyrics support the Ustashe and encourage nostalgia for a regime that committed genocide."

Anti-Nazi magazine Searchlight said Croatia should be forced to play behind closed doors.

Croatian MP Damir Kajin said: "The activities of Marko Perkovic give the appearance that Croatia is not a civilised country."

There is no suggestion Croatia's football officials or players share Thompson's fascist views. Manager Bilic - an ex-West Ham and Everton player - has previously condemned the far right and Croatia's fascist past.

The Sun asked the Croatian Football Federation why it played Thompson's songs and why fans were allowed to give Nazi salutes. We also asked whether officials considered it acceptable to link the national team with a singer accused of glorifying genocide. The CFF declined to answer. A spokesman said only: "I hope we play a good game and we win it."

Thompson was unavailable for comment last night.



Anonymous said...

Croatia has always had a reputation for fascism and the record of the vile Ustase regime of WW2 is white-washed in Croatia. During the civil war of the early 1990's the involvement of openly fascist groupings like HOS, fighting for Croatia, was generally downplayed in the media because the 'bad guys' were the Serbs. Some British fascists and many more from places like Germany went to Croatia to fight.

No wonder a certain fat, ugly fascist leader over here has chosen the place to retire to.

Anonymous said...

Good looking girl,shame she's a nazi.

Anonymous said...

i am not a nazi as well as the most of my people, but the things that are written in article are from the sources of cetnik and comunistic propaganda. that belive was and is popular in the serbian ortodox society which is guvern by serbian political/war/drug criminals who are showned as heros in ortodx society.
-croatian people never did any genocide nor we planed to nor we wished to conqer any other land then the one that was given to us.
-and one thing more, i never liked thomson. but i have to tell you that he never said in his songs that he has anything to do with nazis neither he showed any nazy sibol. why are his fans nazis? i belive they read too much between his lines.

Bo Peep said...

Communist propaganda my mothafucking arse!!!

This woman was dressed in a Ustache outfit, and was making a salute, goddamn it.

Some trolls do talk fucking bullshit!

Obviously Nick Griffin will start selling swastikas to sell to this lot!