September 03, 2009

BNP member Peter Tierney denies assaulting anti-fascist demonstrator

Protestors outside Liverpool Magistrate's Court today
A well-known member of the British National Party has denied assaulting an anti-facist demonstrator on St George's Day.

Peter Tierney, 52, is charged with assaulting a protestor in St John's Lane near St George's Hall on April 23 this year. He pleaded not guilty to the attack which allegedly left a man with a cut on the back of his head. The protestors were said to have been handing out leaflets protesting against the BNP earlier that day.

Tierney, wearing a black suit, wore his long brown hair in a ponytail and his six-inch beard in a plait as he stood in the dock at Liverpool magistrates' court yesterday. He pleaded not guilty to one charge of committing assault occasioning actual bodily harm.

Demonstrators protesting against his party gathered outside the court building in Dale Street before the hearing. Several police officers stood outside the court.

Tierney, of High Street, Hale Village, opted to have the matter dealt with at the crown court.The case will be committed to the crown court on October 29.

Liverpool Daily Post


Jamie The Antifascist said...

This will be intresting, but it's a bit of a wait to hear the outcome...

DDT said...

Hope "Tierney The Twat" gets locked up the evil thug, but this rarely happens to Cyclops's inner circle of violent neo-nazis.

Anonymous said...

He will walk they always do.
Pink Tooter

Liverpool Anti-Fascists said...

Thanks to all the people who turned out for the picket of the court. Our presence has twice ensured that the fascists have not had their own demo there. Let's keep the pressure on and keep exposing the BNP for the violent thugs they are.

Liverpool Anti-Fascists