September 25, 2009

BNP caught lying - let's spread the word

Richard Barnbrook - the BNP's third highest elected official - has been exposed fabricating three murders in a high profile BNP campaign. He has been found guilty of bringing both the Greater London Authority and the Barking and Dagenham Council into disrepute - his lies show the depths the BNP are willing to stoop to in their vile propaganda war.

Over the last four years the BNP has made substantial gains in East London by whipping up fears and telling lies.

Now they have been caught out and we must make them pay. We have raised an appeal to raise £5,000 to print 150,000 leaflets to distribute around London. We want every household in Barking & Dagenham to know the truth about the lying BNP. We also want to warn the voters in other key areas of London exactly how low the BNP will go in order to win votes and stoke up fears within commnunities.

With the London elections now only just over seven months away there is really no time to lose. Please help us produce the leaflets we need:

Hope not hate


West Midlands Unity said...

Yeah, put this as my facebook status too and in my anti bnp-group news section.

Lasted By Election News:

(oh dear Gri££in)

From HnH:

Just heard some fantastic news. Yesterday there were three council by-elections and I'm delighted to say that the BNP performed poorly in all. In Broxtowe the BNP candidate polled just 3% of the vote. In Billericay, the BNP polled just 95 votes and came third.

Most encouragingly, in South Oxhey, the BNP also came third, 300 votes behind Labour. This is brilliant because the last time the ward was contest the BNP was just 12 votes behind. The BNP got just 170 votes, with Labour winning with 487.

A big thank you must go out to Sam and our HOPE not hate volunteers who campaigned hard in both South Oxhey and Billericay.

There's more good news on our fundraising appeal. Last night we launched a drive to raise £5,000 to help us fund 150,000 leaflets to tell Londoners the truth about the BNP lies. so far 285 people have donated £3,770. So another big thank you to all those people.

Brummie said...

VICTORY! Yet another kick in the teeth for the Nazis. Third place in Hayling ward, Herts (which includes a favourite estate of the BNP's - South Oxhey) with Labour and the Conservatives on 470 and 190 respectively.

Equal kudos must go to Mister Gareth Malone and his wonderful South Oxhey Community Choir as well as HOPE not hate!!!

Antifascist said...

@ Jamie

Finally got your links up in Links (surprise) and Friends of ours. Keep up the good work. :-)

West Midlands Unity said...

@ Antifascist

Oh, thanks mate, thanks alot!
Will do, just adding the
finishing touches now :)

AndyMinion said...

I'm amazed at the lack of coverage this is getting on the News Sites.

Thought the Daily Mail readers, in particular, would be having kittens over this one...

Anonymous said...

Maybe the papers are quiet because they don't want the true facts coming out,the murders he refered to wasn't made up. It's just that they took place 20 yards outside the council borough Bumbrook claimed they happened.

Cartman said...

Good headline from UTV about this story

"Mr Brownsuit banned"

Antifascist said...

'Maybe the papers are quiet because they don't want the true facts coming out,the murders he refered to wasn't made up. It's just that they took place 20 yards outside the council borough Bumbrook claimed they happened.'

I don't know why the papers are largely staying quiet about this but the facts (not 'true' facts - facts are facts and if they're not, they're fiction) are that only ONE murder took place and that was NOT in Barking and Dagenham. Twenty yards or twenty miles away, it makes no difference. The FACT is that Barnbrook deliberately lied for political gain, he was found out and he's now got his come-uppence.

Antifascist said...

...or even his 'comeuppance'.

Zed said...

"The FACT is that Barnbrook deliberately lied"

Watch it, Lee Barnes is telling Bumbrook to sue anyone who calls him a liar. You wouldn't want to end up in court facing the majestic Darth Barnes.

Anonymous said...

Just read this on Stormfront
"Richard Barnbrook came across as a retard on the news last night."
Unkind but true.

Brumble-B said...

Bumbrook blamed the video staying online firmly at the hands of the BNP's Legal Team, which in the live proceedings, he said, gave him the wrong advice.

Thus Bumbrook was calling Lee Barnes a liar and a cheat.

Bet these two friends turned enemies "exchanged words" behind the scenes.

Brox said...

As the BNP collapses, we must keep an eye on the EDL Casuals, as they try to take over from the failed BNP Ballot Box Experiment.

Worrying thing is, these football hooligan cretins won't ever bother to get elected. Rather like the old National Front, the EDL Casuals are old-school unreconstructed boot and fist neo-Nazis, who see no shame in making stiff-armed Hitler salutes in public. Very worrying if BNP members start defeting to this group, as not being a political party, they can't be kept under close scrutiny like Bumbcrook and his patheticly worn-out BNP.

Anonymous said...

Can you honestly see Barnes turning up in any court, lets face it he had the perfect opportunity yesterday and like the mentally incapable fool that he is he ducked out.

He left Dicky to rely on 2 women, havnt worked out what they were actually there to do, but I clearly remember Dicky telling one of them who had been doing all the talking Ms Evans you know the one that held everything up to go to the loo.

He told her Ive had enough of this I am going to talk for myself, and from then on he did.

Trying to stifle the laughter and stop the tears rolling down your cheeks is incredibly difficult to do.

For anon who believes that the murder took place 20 yards outside of the borough, you are a stupid pillock, Plaistow is several miles away.

And it certainly looked coming out as if the Port of London Authority agreed with the Guilty verdict as they raised Tower Bridge in salute and an open invitation to Dicky to try walking on water.

A close friend

lee barnes's last brain cell said...

OMG! -
Broxtowe Borough - Toton and Chilwell Meadows: C 1081, Lib Dem 474, Lab 296, BNP 58!

What a total bag of shit East Midlands BNP are - bloody hilarious.

West Midlands Unity said...

"Watch it, Lee Barnes is telling Bumbrook to sue anyone who calls him a liar. You wouldn't want to end up in court facing the majestic Darth Barnes"

oops! he's not gonna like the title of his suspension post on my blog :)

Anonymous said...

O/T but why is the establishment giving the EDL so much favorable publicity? There's a whole new ball game starting here and nobody on the left is taking much notice

AndyMinion said...

This just in - footage of Gri££in's reaction...

Anonymous said...

"Watch it, Lee Barnes is telling Bumbrook to sue anyone who calls him a liar. You wouldn't want to end up in court facing the majestic Darth Barnes."

Well, that's him tied up in Court for the next decade then.

Antifascist said...

'Watch it, Lee Barnes is telling Bumbrook to sue anyone who calls him a liar. You wouldn't want to end up in court facing the majestic Darth Barnes.'

Frankly, I'd enjoy it and you would all be invited to come along and enjoy it with me. :-)

Truth Seeker said...

If a metropolitan police comissioner says the EDL are not a rightwing group when they regularly chant racist remarks in unison, they fight in lumps shouting about the IRA, and they make Hitler salutes, there is defo something fishy going on with the powers that be.

Even the fascist forums think they are a honeytrap organised by the state to keep an eye on disparate entities within the BNP, and maybe that is indeed the case.

Personally though, I think groups like the BNP in particular Nick Griffin, and now the bloody hitler-worshiping EDL, are there to shore up the War In Afgrnistan, just as thousands of British people are questioning the conflict, what with the loss of many British lives in what could be a new Afganistan.

Creating stage-managed battles between low IQ football hooligans and angry British Muslims countering the threats of the EDL with force, provides the religious tension that further will alienate British Muslims, and drive more into joining Taliban training camps, which will give the excuse to the British Government to battle on for another fifty years in Afganistan without an end in sight.

The Taliban, it must be remembered, were set up by the CIA themselves, so it's a dirty, messy world of intrigue, and state-sponsored racism is fair game, sadly!

Grandma Torino said...

The EDL Casuals are being set up by the establishment to take over from the BNP as the party disintegrates before the next election.

Unlike the BNP, the EDL Casuals won't be playing the ballot box game. By not doing so, like the National Front, they can street fight till the cows come home without being scrutinised.

Many people on the far right believe that the BNP's strategy to get elected was a complete waste of time, and Dicky Bumbrook's fiasco is icing on the cake for all the white nationalist sceptics, who wished that the BNP had remained 100% hardcore Combat 18 neo-Nazi street fighters!

Having to sit down on meaningless parish councils debating dogshit did nothing to further their causes of Aryan supremacy. If you look on Stormfront, you will see that few people see any "good" has come from playing the politics game.

In the United States, you have the Minutemen and the KKK, but no elected fascist parties, and this is the way that British neo-Nazis want to go, once the BNP is no more. Party politics achieves fuck all for the extreme right, thus the EDL are more like a new National Front than a new BNP.

The EDL Casuals will never be put under the microscope contesting elections. They will be a shadow of danger, intimidation and race hate lurking menacingly in the background, ready to incite race riots without warning.

The Strange thing is, why the hardcore street army are known to the police, and yet are not given ASBOs and banned from travelling.

This is really strange.

Anyone got any answers???

Postman Part said...

Remember the famous phrase about keeping one's enemies closer than one'd friends???

If your enemies are Enemies Of The State, such as Sinn Fein/IRA and the BNP, by allowing them to have a brief and controlled love affair with the ballot box will give them their two minutes fame before they fall out of fashion and into the back pages of the history books.

Quite a few radical politicians are leaving a bland and Sinn Fein in Northern Ireland, having had enough of the political life, and now the bland and soon to be "racially inclusive" BNP are to lose their "sex appeal" as radical and different.

The honey trap is the electoral process. By duping the BNP that they could take power via elections just like Adolf Hitler did, making BNPers wear suits and hire PR and ad agencies, they had to become more civilised to play the ballot box game, which eventually would be the death of them.

Every council election victory was celebrated as a milestone for Nick Gri££ins BNP, when in-fact it was a death knell of the party.

Drip by drip, publicity, fame and (after the Euro elections), fortune was swallowed by the party faithful as the honey nectar of success, when in-fact, they had all along been feeding on arsenic.

The arsenic poisoning of the BNP into the banality of mainstream society.

And the fools didn't see it coming!