September 06, 2009

Violence in Birmingham - authorities to blame

Racist and violent hooligans, the English Defence League, complete with BNP T-shirts
BBC video of the demo can be seen here
DCI Sue Southern of West Midlands police has tonight described the trouble on the streets of Birmingham as “unexpected”. Unfortunately it wasn’t and over 2,500 people who wrote in to protest to Birmingham City Council knew as much.

Violence in Birmingham – authorities to blame

Unfortunately violence erupted on the streets of Birmingham this afternoon as the hooligan followers of the English Defence League descended on the city centre. While reports are sketchy, it seems that the hooligans ignored agreements with police and ran through New Street. According to press reports at the height of the trouble over 250 were involved in the trouble.

Sadly it was all too predictable. For several days Searchlight and others have been warning the authorities of the potential trouble. The English Defence League is a collection of racist football hooligans from around the country and their sole intention is to whip up hatred. With several of its leaders already well known to the police as football hooligans it is hardly a surprise that violence has erupted today. However, despite the obvious the authorities repeatedly told us that they had the situation under control.

They did not and they should be held accountable. West Midlands Police and Birmingham City Council have failed the people of Birmingham and should be held to account.

Hope not hate


Anonymous said...

The BNP and EDL have no connection. Yeah, right. That picture pretty well says it all.

Brummie said...

There is a very good video report on the Birmingham Mail website:

WE can clearly hear the fascists screaming 'we want our country back' another piece of evidence the EDL and BNP/NF are interlinked.

Harry said...

On the official BBC video (see the link below), a fascist runs down an allweyway (man on the left-hand side of the picture), and out into a shopping precinct, making a Nazi salute right in-front of the police who don't make any attempt to arrest the bastard!

Anonymous said...

The BNP and EDL have no connection. Yeah, right. That picture pretty well says it all.

That's true. No one but BNP members ever buy from Excalibur -- especially not journalists.

Brummie said...

Leisha Brooks, the EDL spokeswoman, who says the EDL is a 'multi-faith' group on the BBC website has an interesting Myspace.

I quote 'intetests: tattoos, bikes, guns, fighting, beer 'n' football'.

There are links to Jason Marriner's Chelsea Headhunter website, Marriner and his father are both National Front members, as any antifascist knows.

And there are pictures of St Georges day badges similar to the ones sold through Mark Cotterill's EFP fascist pig farm.

If you don't believe me, see for yourself!

Brummie said...

Apologies, it was the Birmingham Mail website, not the BBC, and this is what Brooks said:

Leisha Brookes, from the EDL, said: “We are ptotesting against Sharia Law and the acceptance by our Government of Islamic extremism.

“It is unfortunate that it has come to this but we are a multi faith group who are just trying to protest against extremism.”

She insisted that she did not want to see any violence ...

lee c said...

Funny how extremists can themselves campiagn against extremism.

Bladdered football hooligans don't campaign against anything other than common human decency.

Wedge said...

Jason Marriner is not an NF member.

He is a racist little thug, but not an NF member.

Straw Berry said...

What protest was the EDL Casual filmed (by the BBC News Channel) protesting with his Hitler salute?

How about the racist football hooligans arrested on the double-decker bus who threw the seat out of the window, and who tried to set fire to the bus???

Islamic-inspired mocette on Birmigham's bus seats??? lol

Like all nazis since the days of Hitler's beer hall gatherings, EDL Casuals cannot spew their race hate without the aid of gallons of mind-numbing strong lager.

Why do the media and the BBC especially regularly believe anything and everything fascist leaders tell them?

Anonymous said...

Bollocks, Leisha Brookes

Multi-faith group my arse, lol

The only worship the beer-bellied balding EDL Casuals footy hooligans get up to, is lager worship.

Anonymous said...

If you google 'Birmingham' on google news you'll see that although quite a few foreign media have picked up on this 'event', the BBC is the only British media giving it publicity.

Why has the BBC suddenly decided that right-wing extremism is sexy?

Anonymous said...

Griffin's latest plea for his "life membership" scam declares "WE WANT OUR COUNTRY BACK!" Now, where have I heard that before?

Commenting on the pic of the lad in the BNP t-shirt, British_Preservation says on SFB "Good looking young man... lol" Could they, perchance, be one and the same?

McTurdswick said...

Self-styled racist EDL spokesperson Miss Brookes has submitted a petition for peadophiles to fitted with microchips.

Why are so many far right morons so outspoken about paedos when they turn a blind eye to Mark Collett and Dave Hannam's incident.

It's a bit like Noncewatch, which only features nonces who aren't active BNP or BPP members.

Brummie said...

Why has the BBC suddenly decided that right-wing extremism is sexy?

I still wouldn't trust Rupert Murdoch on that issue though! But the ironic thing is whilst we fully expect BNP brown nosing from Murdoch, we certainly do not expect the Beeb to sink to his level, and that's what hurts.

Anonymous said...

I fear we might end up fighting on to many fronts the so called EDL are football thugs best left for the police to deal with.

Brummie said...

The BRITAIN'S GREAT WITHOUT HATE banner, I hope that is one of ours!!

It's time we reclaimed the Union Flag from the BNP/EDL and the lager louts and told them in no uncertain terms to keep their racist mawlers off our national flag.

Anonymous said...

There was a crackin' report about the EDL on Barths blog the other day.
Well worth a read.

jeanjeannie said...

Forget Paedophiles, Ms Brookes. Racists ought to be electronically tagged. That way, if EDL football hooligans intend to go on the rampage, they can be apprehended at the station before they travel.

brim said...

It's kind of ironic that the EDL CASUALS are allowed to wear balaclava masks like terrorists when claiming they oppose "extremism".

Brummie said...

Already the EDL praisers are appearing on the Birmingham Mail comment site. Ian Villa thinks its okay to get bladdered throw missiles shout insults and give Nazi salutes - and then blame it upon 'Asains'(sic) and anti fascists.

But it won't wash this time! The camera never lies!!!

irishtony said...

Leisha Brooks, the EDL spokeswoman calls herself babydoll on myspace??

How utterly inappropriate is that name for a middle aged overweight sexually frustrated far from good looking hate filled woman?.

She should spend her time squatting in a field

Anonymous said...

I was in favour of the demo being banned but it looks like the EDL has been set up nicely by the state. They've all had their details taken, recorded while acting the pillock and can expect to be closely monitored in future. Which is what the state must have wanted all along. And when some are charged and their names and addresses released we'll all know who's in the BNP and who isn't.

Anonymous said...

I love it how these racist pricks claim to be defending "Christian" values. I'm sure that they have been to Church today, and every Sunday, prayed to Jesus and taken the sacrement.

The only thing they worship is the bottom of a pint glass!

eric the fish said...

The EDL are raising money for Help 4 Heroes (wounded soldiers) like the BNP did with the Legion.

I'd urge people to write to the chaity via the website. I believe it's better to use your own heartfelt words rather than standard forms.

One can understand charities wanting money in these times but not blood money.

Another BNP group has been giving money to another charity according to The Times.

Hopefully. more notice will be taken than was by Birmingham CC to our letters.

Anonymous said...

The BBC have pulled the video? I think the hooligan however was doing a two fingered victory sign ala Griffin (he probably was his inspiration).

Anonymous said...

"Commenting on the pic of the lad in the BNP t-shirt, British_Preservation says on SFB "Good looking young man... lol" Could they, perchance, be one and the same?"

Could be someone "doing irony"?!
I would hope, anyways!

Anonymous said...

"Commenting on the pic of the lad in the BNP t-shirt, British_Preservation says on SFB "Good looking young man... lol"

Looks a bit like one of the England players - Neville brothers. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder but whatever his face looks like he has a horrible expression on it at that time and probably has a horrible heart. Hopefully he will realise in time that there are far better things for a younf man to do than get on trains and hang about shopping centres with a bunch of trouble seekers on a Saturday afternoon. Maybe he will get a girlfriend and find love.

blu said...

It was a stif-armed salute not a two-fingered one, which is why the BBC have pulled the video to avoid criticising the far right, which the BBC is having a sordid love affair with.

Is there anywhere (video archives, etc) where the BBC riot video might still be available on the net?

Anonymous said...

It was most definately a Hitler salute. I looked at the picture at least a dozen times.

Seeing as a BNP member was recently sentenced for making a similar salute, the police should investigate and demand the BBC hands over the tape so they can make an arrest.

john the anti-fa said...

Who is going to Manchester?

No Way José said...

Not the EDL Casuals, as the city will ban them from marching because the last time football hooligans gathered in Manchester during Euro 2006, thousands of pounds of danage was caused to shops and businesses by Glasgow Rangers football hooligans, a situation the council will not be prepared to repeat.

Also, these racist football hooligans are also vehemently homophobic, and there will always be a danger they will invade Canal Street and start beating up gay people and smashing up gay cafes and bars in typical far right football hooligan style.

The EDL will thus be banned from Greater Manchester!!!

Anonymous said...


The picture on the BBC's online report contains an Israeli flag and also a Welsh one, I think.

Any ideas why?

It was a protest against militant Islam and there was a counter protest (naturally).

Where does Israel come in?
And given it's the English Defence League in Birmingham, why is there a Welsh flag.