September 29, 2009

Family evicted 'for racial abuse'

An Edinburgh family has been evicted from their home following claims that they had racially abused their neighbours over a period of years.

Sarah Hutton, 36, and her five children were forced to move from their home in Wardieburn on Thursday after being accused of harassing other residents. It is one of the first evictions on the basis of racial abuse and harassment secured by Edinburgh City Council. The family has moved into private accommodation in Edinburgh.

Officials said incidents included extensive vandalism including damaging cars, smashing public toilets, kicking open stair doors and breaking door-entry systems, throwing stones and bricks at people and houses, smashing windows and threats and general abuse to neighbours. One family was even forced to move from the area after they were subjected to years of racial abuse, racist graffiti and assault.

Before the family was evicted the council said it used "every resource available" to work on ways to improve behaviour and to "prevent nuisance". The local authority said it had sent the tenant "numerous warning letters" and had organised joint visits from the council and the police on more than one occasion. She was also offered support with tenancy issues from the council's neighbourhood support team.

However the council said in this case legal action was necessary due to the "serious nature of the complaints" and because the family made no effort to change their behaviour.

Paul Edie, Edinburgh City Council community safety leader, said: "This action sends a clear message that we will not tolerate any sort of racially motivated harassment. Praise should go to residents for standing up and giving evidence against these people despite fears they may have."

Ch Insp Denise Mulvaney, of Lothian and Borders Police, said: "We take the issue of hate crime very seriously, and we believe the robust action taken in this case was the right thing to do and has resulted in the right outcome."



eric the fish said...

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Anonymous said...

Evicted and where was Lee Barnes to act on thier behalf ?

Lee Barnes will say "Its all the fault of the Jews, and anyway I am not qualified to act under scots law."

Every body else will say "What F*****g qualifications has Lee Barnes earnt to act under English Law ?"

Old Sailor

Anonymous said...

I will save you the bother ketlan.

Anonymous said...

BNP to copyright its slogans blah blah. I sniff another begging letter. Those lawyers cost money.

What has that to do with a very serious case of racists abuse? Not sure what the BNP has to do with it though?