March 08, 2010

Anti-BNP/Peter Tierney protest – new date March 17th

The trial of the BNP’s Peter Tierney for assault has been moved to Wednesday March 17th. Our protest against the BNP will therefore take place on that day: 9. 15am at the Victoria Monument, Derby Square, Liverpool 1.

New flyers and posters are attached. Please distribute widely. If you told anyone about the original date of this event, please let them know that it is now on the 17th.

The change means that we will NOT be leafleting Liverpool 8 tomorrow. A midweek date for leafleting will be set and advertised soon. We will still leaflet door-to-door in Toxteth on Saturday March 13th to build for this event.

We want the maximum possible turnout on the 17th to show that the BNP have no place in our city.


Liverpool Anti-Fascists


Anonymous said...

The bnp will be out on the 15th.

London Peepz said...

Hi there, Lancester Unity, here's a report you will love, how the suposedly Christian EDL went out of their way to piss on Westminster Abbey after meeting Geert Wilders.

Let's shame this ragtag bunch of neo-Nazi hooligan racists once and for all, to the world.

Cheers, Friends!

London Antiracist Campaigners

Anonymous said...

Have you read this from blogger Lionheart?

Anonymous said...

So the non-racist, non-fascist EDL is now being run by a Gold member of the BNP?

Glad you cleared that up, Lionheart.