March 15, 2010

BNP bid to lure lad in school

A dad branded the British National Party "despicable" last night for trying to recruit his son by sending leaflets to his school

Tom Hunter, 13, was targeted by the right-wing extremists after he stood for the UK Youth Parliament. He was shocked when he opened a letter left for him at the school office and found it contained BNP leaflets. Tom said: "I was appalled. They are fascist and racist."

Dad Paul, 47, a lawyer from Newton Aycliffe, Co Durham, said: "Targeting anybody so young is despicable. Everything the BNP stands for, I find disgusting."

Ironically, one of Tom's relatives is standing against BNP leader Nick Griffin at the general election. Lib Dem candidate Dominic Carman, married to Tom's cousin, said: "No other party targets children this age - it's outrageous. But the BNP don't operate by normal standards."

A BNP spokesman said Tom's parents were "narrow-minded" for not liking the party, adding: "If he's too young to be sent information, he's too young to take part in a Youth Parliament."

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Anonymous said...

Evil scum!

I bet Sheffield candidate Mark Collett (AKA Paedo Boy) loves to contact kids on behalf of his party, while playing pocket billiards.

irishtony said...

Seriously off thread but I feel like sharing.

Yesterday I was on the Manchester to Newcastle train which was seriously crowded due to the football match and weekend travellers.

It was standing room only, but everyone was relaxed and in good mood, an eclectic mix of students, tourists and footbal fans all joked and chatted about the cramped conditions. I was with my friend from Ireland and his nine year old son who was still on a high from visiting Old Trafford.

A black newcastle student chatted to the girls standing next to him, three squaddies were debating the strictness of their training routines, a South African girl was telling us about her travels in Yorkshire. All in all a good humoured experience until we got to Huddersfield.

Five neanderthals boarded the train, we all know the type, Harry Hill lookalikes who think they are been cast in Romper Stomper. As these idiots with their Gran Canaries tan got on they immediately started taking over, shouting up and down the carriage "All White?" "All white?"
in their best Michael Barrymore accent.They all thought this hilarious except for the rest of the passengers. They then started shouting "Any Muslims on the train?" and cracked some childish jokes about discarded sports bags.

When they heard myself and my friends Irish accents they started to tell Irish jokes as loudly as possible. Because we didn't rise to the bait ( And My God we were tempted) they vented their hatred on the Man Utd fans calling them scum.

After we endured ten more minutes of them singing Leeds Utd songs and a few racist rants, they started shouting about how proud they were to be British, how great Yorkshire was and how great England is.

The irony of course is that prior to these idiots boarding the train, England and Yorkshire did look wonderful and friendly and had been a great experience for my friends

My friends nine year old was terrified, people were clearly uncomfortable and I can't remember when I last felt as close to wanting to fight as I did at that moment.

I almost forgot to mention that one of the mentally challenged morons was wearing a BNP badge. No suprises there then heh?

Workingman said...

Dirty, desperate and twisted actions by the nasty BNP. Yuk, they make me feel sick when they target kids with their hatred.

NewsHound said...


NewsHound said...


Anonymous said...

It appears that the EDL are reserving fake places on anti-fascist coaches to Bolton: -

Coach organisers need to be weary of timewasters who are trying to wreck the coaches on behalf of the neo-Nazis.

Ketlan, Please warn those people responsible for booking coaches that some passengers might be fake, purpoesely to cost anti-racist groups money.

Anonymous said...

"After we endured ten more minutes of them singing Leeds Utd songs and a few racist rants"

No Surprise. Don't want to tarnish all Leeds fans but they were always a club with a NF reputation back in the day, like Chelsea.

S .Holmes said...

Mark...NSPCC...17 year old female