March 10, 2010

Hardcore Nazis Invited To Attend EDL Rallies

Liam Pinkham posting on the hardline national socialist chat site VNN, has just posted an insight into why the himself and Hitler-loving cohort Wigan Mike are always seen on EDL marches. His allegations are fatally damaging to the repeated "we are not neo-nazis" propaganda that Trevor Kelway and friends post regularly throughout the internet.

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The Allegations

While discussing the dirty habits of the EDL pissing on Westminster Abbey with former Blood and Honour administrator Beverley Kerry, convicted violent thug and regular straight-armed saluter on EDL rallies, hardcore unreconstructed nazi Liam Pinkham (Pino) posting on a thread on VNN, happened to let it slip that the EDL leadership from on-high, regularly telephones himself and bosom buddy "Wigan Mike" Heaton, (well aware of who they are), begging them to publically attend EDL gatherings.

The URL of the conversation is: Just in-case Chris Renton and a certain boggle-eyed far right pig farmer exerts immediate pressure on Bev Kerry to have the thread pulled, a screenshot is included with this article so you can see for yourself, and make up your own mind on the EDL's secret yet bizarre relationship to Pinkham and Heaton.

The more one considers the allegations, there seems little reason for Liam Pinkham to make such claims up in the context of the situation (regardless of his personal misgivings with the EDL set-up), which suggests, if true, the EDL's shadowy bigwigs don't just tolerate hardcore neo-Nazis. They actively encourage their presence.

Logically, the EDL leadership strive for their controversial racist and violent street gatherings to appeal to the traditional far right community of anti-black Jewish-hating, and Holocaust-denying skinheads, to which Pinkham and Heaton fall point-blank into this category.

Judging by the rammifications of the discourse on VNN, Pinkham himself personally regards the telephone callls he received from the EDL's big cheeses as evidence of the Islamophobic organisation's government backing, in-line with popular far right conspiracy theories about the EDL being a machination of the state, however if you have read the recent Searchlight articles about the EDL, or more damningly Lionheart's videos about the EDL leadership actively encouraging known neo-Nazis to attend EDL events, the allegations (if true) are totally and utterly damning, leaving EDL claims that they are not nazis or racists, totally and utterly discredited.

There has been plenty of recent debate on Indymedia and other antifascist forums about why exactly when the EDL repeatedly claim not to harbour nazi sympathies, highlighting scuffles with Combat18 and speeches condemning Blood and Honour, do they turn a blind eye to the involvement of the ultra-violent quasi-terrorist British Freedom Fighters and other hardcore neo-Nazis in their events, however Pinkham's startling claims that the EDL leadership physically ring up both Pinkham and Heaton, pestering them to attend rallies, startlingly implies that the EDL go out of their way to ensure hardcore facsists are part of the furniture.

To ignore the random presence of people who openly declare their love of national socialism (Pinkham/Pino88) attending EDL rallies is one thing, but actively inviting them to take part, is astounding. Whether or not Pinkham would wish to go public on the phone calls, if he has stored the messages, is another matter, especially if there is no truth in claims of the EDL being a government-sponsored "black-op". Nevertheless, if the calls could somehow be retrieved, the dictatorial EDL leadership team would be resigned to history overnight, causing a change of leadership in the organisation.

As VNN is fervently pro-BNP in outlook, and Bev is on speaking terms with Nicholas Griffin Esquire, judging by the strangehold Paul Ray alleges the BNP exacts over the EDL (via Chris Renton), such a damning stake through the heart is unlikely, however merely considering the possibility of the EDL leadership making regular phone calls to Pinkham and Heaton, makes the mind boggle, and adds an extra dimension to the understanding of what the EDL has become, and where it is aiming to go.

Let's hope these alarming allegations can be investigated further, rather than being swept under the carpet, as usually happens in far right circles.

Truth Seeker via Indymedia London


CS said...

It's good to see LU attacking the EDL more vigorously.

James said...

Excellent article.

Anonymous said...

Damning evidence that the EDL leadership want nazis in their ranks!

Anonymous said...

The links not clickable, unless it's my computer.

Anonymous said...

One of the best articles i have seen in a long time.

If true, this could spell the end of the EDL.

Antifascist said...

'The links not clickable, unless it's my computer.'

The link to Indymedia works but the one to VNN will have to be copied and pasted into your browser's URL bar.

Anonymous said...

6000 Leaflets Delivered in Hartlepool Ward of Rossmere.

Talking of Nazis, if you neede any proof that this party is full of them, then check out their website and look at the picture that goes with this report. :0)

Anonymous said...

The EDL seem like a latterday copy of the British Brothers League which used anti-semitism to form street fights and public racist protests while pretending not to be anti-semitic.

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The picture link isn't working on my computer (running Firefox) - either by clicking the picture, or copying the URL.

Antifascist said...

'The picture link isn't working on my computer'

That's because the picture isn't a link (except to itself). The link you want is in the text or here:

Anonymous said...

does bev attend edl demos? will she be leaving her house at 4 shirebrook close ilkeston to go on edl demo?

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Anonymous said...

''does bev attend edl demos? will she be leaving her house at 4 shirebrook close ilkeston to go on edl demo?''

i wonder if there is a smell of shit down wind from that sewage farm behind her?

i expect there is.