March 23, 2010

BNP councillor admits BNP Nazism

Former BNP Stoke councillor Alby Walker was widely acknowledged to be a popular and relatively capable councillor in the BNP strong-hold of Stoke on Trent. After several years involvement right inside the BNP, Alby Walker gained detailed insights into the internal workings of Nick Griffin's party, and into the true motives of the BNP leaders. In this video Alby Walker speaks openly about what he found in the BNP, and he should be congratulated for having the courage and dignity to share what he learned.

Thanks to UKfightback for the heads-up


Anonymous said...

Love that throwaway remark right at the end... :)

Anonymous said...


College Green Attack Latest
A detective sergeant from the Metropolitan Police has just informed the BNP that the CPS has decided not to prosecute anybody following the vicious UAF attack on Nick Griffin and others at College Green, Westminster last June.Well at least we know where we all stand now and nobody in our movement should be under any illusions as to just what we are up against.

The Biggest laugh of all was seeing COWARD DARBY running for his life and pissing is pants he was like a BIG GIRLS BLOUSE"" is trousers were pissed wet through lol what a spineless little creep he is! It was on most TV channels and should be on U Tube. He need to wear Nappies!

Anonymous said...

Nick Griffin with the Rev Hargreaves last night, but during last June's Euro Elections they were not friends at all, please see the link below of CAP's posters.

Red Flag said...

So, according to BBC Radio Ulster, Jennifer Griffin gets a share of £300,000 for her nice little job in Belfast?

Anonymous said...

Although its nice when people break rank and expose the party I can't actually congratulate anyone until they denounce their racist views. Alby Walker is probably only after power himself by trying to get more votes from moderates by claiming he is not racist himslef. Hopefully people will see through it.

Anonymous said...

i hope that wasnt a throwaway remark at the end,because I do believe that Mr walker has shown courage coming forward.

ex-fascist said...

IMHO people who quit racist parties need also to make it abundantly clear that they have left behind racist ideas before they should expect to welcomed back into the human race.

But conversely if they do that they should always be accepted, unless there is any good reason - ie not just wishful thinking - to assume they are not being truthful.

Anti-racists who make it difficult for genuinely changed people to walk away in my view do their own cause a great disservice.