March 09, 2010

Nazi Protestors are definitely EDL

The EDL Welsh division - the Welsh Defence League - was founded by convicted knife criminal and Cardiff City hooligan Jeff Marsh (who was jailed for stabbing 2 Manchester United fans and recently banned from football grounds for 5 years). Jeff Marsh helps organise EDL protests through a hooligan group called Casuals United.

When the EDL and WDL marched together in Swansea on 17 Oct 2009, they chanted "BNP BNP BNP", gave Nazi salutes and burned an Anti-Nazi flag. So, realising the EDL's credibility as an allegedly non-racist group was totally blown, the EDL pretended their Swansea march had been "hijacked" by infiltrators from the Nazi group Combat 18. However (in an act of awesome political stupidity) on 7 March 2010 Casuals United published a photo on their own blog of the WDL which proves that the Nazis who'd protested in Swansea definitely were members of the WDL (see video)... talk about an own flippin' goal!

Since then Jeff Marsh published a video of the EDL chanting "BNP BNP BNP" in Stoke (1) and EDL co-founder Paul Ray admitted that BNP activist Chris Renton is now (quote) "de-facto Commander of the EDL" (2)

There's some debate about whether the EDL are real Nazis or whether they're "just" Loyalists. The truth is that to varying extents BOTH statements are true. However, even then, those EDL Loyalists who genuinely aren't Nazis are still prepared to collaborate with Nazis, so arguably they're even worse than the hard-core Nazis, because they knowingly create a Trojan Horse through which Nazis try to sneak their ideas into society.


Thanks to bnpinfo for the heads-up


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James Haywood was there with a group of 50 students from Goldsmiths college in south east London.

“The police used neck and head locks and held people face down on the floor,” he said.


“I was thrown on the ground, punched in the face and dragged into a police van. There was a guy on the floor – his leg so badly hurt he couldn’t bend it.

“They said they were charging us with obstruction and a disturbance of the peace.

“We ended up at Sutton police station, where we were left for an hour. Then they said if we gave our names, date of birth and home address they would let us go without charge.

“My mates were put in vans that went to Croydon, Lewisham and Bromley. They were all dumped and released.

“The police clearly wanted us removed. It shows what side they are on.”

Trade unionists and students linked arms to try and hold the road.

“Our protest was completely peaceful, but the police kettled and removed us – while allowing the racists to march,” Hugh Lanning, deputy general secretary of the PCS union told Socialist Worker.

“[Home secretary] Alan Johnson should not have allowed the EDL to march, especially after the violence in Stoke. They want to stir up racism and promote fear.”

Zita Holbourne from the PCS executive and race relations committee went to the Tate gallery’s management with her concerns about the safety of PCS members working there.

“They didn’t heed our warnings,” she told Socialist Worker. “EDL supporters walked into the gallery.”

“Yet on the other side the police were heavy handed. I witnessed police dragging UAF protesters by their hair and legs.

“Sometimes there were four to six police officers dragging one person away.

“But the EDL was allowed to stay in groups in central London. One of our black members was confronted by a group of EDL at Victoria station on his way home.”

Some EDL supporters gave Nazi salutes. A group pushed and slapped a student, shouting “Fuck off, Paki.”

Anonymous said...

So much for the pretend antifascists and braindead Indymdeia trolls such as Trevor Kelway's many alaises and "Durruti02" who love to tell people how the EDL are not nazis and are not even racist for the small number of Uncle Toms in the EDL.

Anonymous said...

Is it just me, or does this EDL Steward have a celtic cross on his sleeve?

Truth Seeker said...

The EDL phone up Mike Heaton and Liam Pinkham and ask them to attend their events, according to Pinkham himself.

Please post on your blog, Antifacsist! This shows that the EDL have been telling absolute lies about not wanting neo-Nazis to attend their demos.

These truly amazing allegations, if true, have the power to cause the EDL lesders to resign overnight!

This is potentially one of the most damaging articles ever to shed light on the EDL.

Anonymous said...

Please take your own screenshot of the entire VNN page just in-case they happen to delete it.

UK Fightback / BNPinfo said...

That's NOT a Celtic cross on the guy's sleeve it's a Stone Island logo (although the similarity might explain why the EDL love Stone Island so much?)

Anyway thanks Lancaster Unity for embedding :)