March 14, 2010

'Patriotic' English Defence League exposed as racist, violent thugs

Welcome to ED-Hell: Fan of EDL during London demo
The repulsive race-hate face of the English Defence League is unveiled today by the News of the World

A three-month probe by our undercover investigators exposes the TRUE nature of the organisation that claims to be patriotic, non-violent and non-racist. In reality the EDL is backed by a bunch of bigots, football thugs, and BNP defectors dedicated to promoting race war on Britain's streets.

Our reporters witnessed the EDL's sickening booze and drug-fuelled protest marches across Britain. As well as disgusting abuse directed at Asian and black Britons, our team also unmasked a leading figure declaring his hatred of "Pakis". A teenage youth leader also bragged about his role in footie violence while members boasted of snorting cocaine before protests.

Earlier this month, 400 EDL supporters were on hand to welcome reviled right-wing Dutch MP Geert Wilders during his trip to London. He was promoting his 15-minute film, which urges Muslims to rip up the Koran. As Wilders spouted anti-Islamic messages, EDL members - hidden behind scarves and hoodies - cheered in support. Later, scuffles broke out between EDL supporters and protesters from Unite Against Fascism (UAF), resulting in 50 arrests.

The EDL insists it is a "multicultural organisation" which has "no issues with Muslims who wish us no harm". Yet its appearance on the streets of Luton, Birmingham, Nottingham, Stoke and London in recent months has resulted in trouble.

One of EDL's leading figures Gurjamit Singh, 28, has previously declared in public: "We are not here to be anti-Muslim." Yet in private, our investigators found Singh, a British-born Sikh, failed to practice what he preaches. Stood with a group of beer-swilling EDL supporters shortly before the recent London march, Singh spat: "I f*****g hate the Pakis. India needs to go to war with Pakistan."

Menacingly, Singh told our undercover man he could "sort" any problems he was having with local Muslims. He said: "Let's say you've got a problem with Islamification in your area. Let me know and I will try and sort it out. That's my own little thing - know what I mean?"

When approached by News of the World last night, Mr Singh insisted he wasn't a racist but admitted: "Yes, I said that. It was a comment made in the heat of the moment."

There is also a rapid growth of football hooligans in the EDL - typified by Joel Titus, an 18-year-old Arsenal and Brentford yob. Titus told our investigators he was recruited by Casuals United, a far-right group of football hooligans led by Jeff Marsh, a thug who served two years in jail for stabbing two Manchester United fans.

In January, ahead of a demonstration in Stoke, we filmed EDL members on a coach drinking and boasting of using cocaine. We watched as the booze-fuelled yobs then clashed with police. Toasting the trouble in a pub afterwards, Titus bragged: "One of the policewomen had her hat taken off and she got smashed to f***."

Worryingly, EDL is attracting disaffected members of the BNP too. One of their co-founders is Chris Renton, a former BNP supporter. Before the Stoke march, he wrote an uncompromising message on EDL's website. It read: "If Stoke o.b. (Old Bill) bus us out of town, we'll declare war and come back next Saturday."

We have made our dossier, which includes video footage, available to the authorities.



Wren said...

I've heard about the coke snorting before.

Apparently they have done this in Wetherspoons toilet cubicles.

Hope Wetherpoons don't remain open in Bolton when the neo-Nazis invade for their brawl.

Anonymous said...

Noe-Nazis, cokeheads and pissheads, but unlike Islam4uk, the government still refuses to ban them.

I do wander why?

UKfightback said...

Very good article - except there's nothing "former" about the EDL's links with the BNP

Nonetheless, after the disgustingly uncritical coverage that Daily Star hack Ross Kaniuk gave to the EDL last year, this article appearing in NOTW is a massive PR victory for Anti-Fascism

NOTW circulation 2,993,709 copies in February 2010

Anonymous said...

Gurjamit 'Wannabe' Singh, you have to laugh at this pathetic specimen. Talk about selling your soul to the devil.

Anonymous said...

As for the EDL's microscopic Asian membership, this kind of thing's not quite as totally unusual as it might sound - even British Nazi Colin Jordan was life-long friends with a Hindu Hitler worshipper from Bombay called Savitri Devi Mukherji

Anonymous said...

But still they are not banned.....

Anonymous said...

I hope this opens the Governments eyes, and they realise The EDL have gone too far, but just like The BNP they will not be nipped in the bud before its too late, and we will see another fascist political front.

NewsHound said...


Anonymous said...

"We have made our dossier, which includes video footage, available to the authorities."

Maybe the "authorities" are pleased that the EDL exist, encouraged it's formation and have infiltrated it to such an extent that they effectively control it. Doesn't it make you wonder how it 'magically' appeared out of nowhere just under a year ago with an organisation, leadership, websites, tshirts, flags and badges all in place within a few weeks?

Anonymous said...

The State have all they want from their creation and are now busy collating and cross-referencing intelligence.

The economic situation may have influenced the decision to call a halt to their bankrolling of such organisations, but then again, they may have seen no further point in maintaining such a false front as those who are involved do not hold much promise and nor are they in the main of a decent enough calibre of activist.

Anonymous said...

Has Renton stepped down or been pushed from the BNP?

Anonymous said...

Stop press

elements of the notorious blades business crew have threatened to stab up any members of the national front who show at sheffield edl demonstration .

man listening in pub