March 22, 2010

Band Sell 'Nick Griffin Is A Wanker' T-Shirt To Fund Anti-BNP Single

A ska band are releasing a 'Nick Griffin Is A Wanker' t-shirt to fund the release of their anti-BNP (British National Party) song

The London based group, Big Hand, are selling the t-shirt via their official website to fund the recording of the single 'Rock The Boat' and its accompanying promo video. They then plan to release the track on May 3rd in time for the general election with all proceeds from the track going to Love Music Hate Racism.

In a statement on their website, Big Hand write: “In the words of a great mind: 'All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good people do nothing'. We have seen the effects of apathy in the face of the far right throughout history. We all know in our hearts that fascism is not the way forward. Big Hand encourage you to "Rock The Boat", join our campaign and let the nation know that the BNP do not represent a way of life that we in the UK are willing to accept.”

'Rock The Boat' was penned by Big Hand singer Tim Lomas the day after Nick Griffin's party won two seats in Europe.



James said...

A bit of a bargain at £7.50 I reckon.

Anonymous said...

Excellent! Hopefully it can be bought on iTunes!

Anonymous said...

You can't argue with a T-shirt like that!