March 07, 2010

BNP are caught lying through their teeth

A smiling white family pictured on a BNP election leaflet are actually American models

The good-looking group were ­portrayed in the pamphlet as Brits who voted for the right-wing party. The BNP is distributing thousands of the leaflets to homes across Britain in the run-up to the general election. The leaflets show the smiling family under the slogan “Why People Like You Voted BNP”.

But a simple internet search has ­revealed the wholesome-looking group are models. The same picture has also been used to promote an orthodontic practice in Missouri.

The pamphlet ruse was exposed by eagle-eyed political bloggers who became ­suspicious about the models’ pearly white teeth and sun tans. Above the American “family”, the leaflet says: “The BNP proudly put British people first.” It adds: “We have children and we want them to be brought up in a Christian country and taught about our religion, tradition and culture in school.”

On the website for RIES Orthodontics the same three generations of models appear beneath the words “Embrace your Smile”.

Weyman Bennett, joint secretary of Unite Against Fascism, said: “This is a big lie. It shows the BNP can’t get British families to openly show their support for the party. The majority of people object to the politics of the BNP so even when they produce their propaganda it’s based on lies.”

A spokesman for Searchlight, an anti-right-wing campaign group, said: “Nick Griffin is always banging on about British jobs for British workers but his real priority seems to be American jobs for American models.”

The leaflet slip-up follows a similar one in BNP promotional material distributed in May last year. Party pamphlets featured testimonies from five “typical Britons”, giving their reasons for voting BNP. An elderly couple pictured on the leaflet endorsing the party’s anti-immigration views were exposed as Italian models.

Daily Star


Anonymous said...

The first time I saw this leaflet it was so obvious that they were American. Lets see what there propoganda machine says about this.
"yes we know, we did it on purpose, this way the press picks up on it and its all publicity"
When to the rest of us it looks like there a bunch of third rate [reich] amateurs who could not organise an killing in a extermination camp !!!

Anonymous said...

organise an killing in a extermination camp !!!

You sick bastard, i demand you take that offensive comment down.

Anonymous said...

They were obviously American. No Brits have teeth as good as that!

Sorry ;-)

Anonymous said...

Yes, not the first time they've been caught out using models.

Didn't the last leaflet show a picture of 'British workers' which turned out to not only be American but have a couple of black workers cropped out?