March 15, 2010

‘Make BNP expenses public’ call

A Euro MP has challenged BNP leader Nick Griffin to make his expenses claims public.

Liberal Democrat Chris Davies, who represents the North West in the European Parliament, says that despite an allowance of £14,000 a month for the payment of staff, Mr Griffin lists only three employees, one of whom is part time and one of whom also works for Yorkshire MEP Andrew Brons.

Mr Griffin is the only one of the eight North West MEPs not to provide financial information at all on his website.

The Electoral Commission is currently investigating the BNP for a breach of regulations after its own auditor refused to sign off the 2008 accounts.

The Bolton News


Anonymous said...

hmmm accounts listed,think there shaken

Anonymous said...

Grifin has now got a list of "expenses" on his website but it doesn't include that fat "security" bloke who said he "didn't know" what he did as Griffin's EU security!

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Workingman said...

Boots n Braces . . Mr Griffin, you cant spend that much on those. This column headed pies n pasties will also have to be altered.