March 16, 2010

'English Defence League' stifle free speech they claim to protect?

The EDL is an 'anti-Islamification' group which was formed in UK in 2009.

Regular contributors to the EDL forum have recently been BANNED for requesting action against an EDL member filmed by News of the World undercover journalists using the word "paki". Ordinarily, all EDL news (good or bad) is posted on the forum by members for open discussion. Not this time it seems.

The EDL leadership have objected not just open discussion of the video, but any discussion whatsoever. All attempts to discuss the video have been buried by Admins, anyone insisting on discussing it has been banned from the forum. Even the EDL's published 'response' to the News of the World article was cleverly absent of any mention of the video, or even a link for people to judge for themselves if the EDL member in the video was out of order.

So what has happened to free speech at the EDL? What happened to freedom of opinion on their forum? This recent attitude is somewhat ironic, from a group who staged a demo in London recently to welcome a free speech advocate, the Dutch Politician Geert Wilders.

A regular user of the forum who was banned for standing up to dictatorial admins was 'KnightofStGeorge'. He said:
'I was in the forum every day, it was a regular part of my daily routine. I lived the EDL, the group still does mean a lot to me, but there is something wrong with the leadership. I am not a racist and never have been. I am just concered about the UK being overtaken by Sharia law and being subject to islamification. I wanted the video to be discussed as something for us to be ashamed of and learn from it.

I wanted it to be an EDL training video of how NOT to conduct act [sic]. Instead I was banned. I want an apology and I want my account re-instated'
Has the glorious EDL been infiltrated by the BNP? One wonders!

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Anonymous said...

intersting one for you. Heir Jefferson had posted on his blog 'copeland day of action' the usuall bullshit 'loads of volunteers etc'
I posted on his blog really .take away glasgow,barrow etc how many local?. he posted comment and answered trying to be clever '12 is there a problem'

hmmm but why has taken pics down eh. should be a national past time baiting him lol

Anonymous said...

The EDL are becoming just like any other fringe party, be it Left or Right. Forcing it's members to follow the party line and cracking down on any internal dissent and discussion.

Only took 'em a year!

Anonymous said...

It looks like the Nazis have well and truly taken over the EDL.