March 23, 2010

Black churches not welcome in white areas, says BNP leader

Black churches would not be welcome or receive grants from a BNP local or national government if their ministry and place of worship were to be in a “historically white area”, BNP leader Nick Griffin admitted on live TV last night.

Mr Griffin aired his views in a controversial live debate with the leader of the Christian Party and British-born, black pastor Rev George Hargreaves on Revelation and Genesis TV. Both men are standing against Labour Minister Margaret Hodge for the Barking constituency in the up-coming general election. The two were debating the motion: “That the election of any BNP MP or leader of a Local Authority will be detrimental to Black and ethnic minority Christians in particular and the wider church in general in Britain."

Mr Griffin revealed that his understanding of Christian heritage was one of "national pride and history", rather than a personal and corporate dedication to Jesus Christ. When asked about his own relationship with God, he stated his relationship was not so much with Jesus, but rather with an ideal of what the Anglican church as the 'state church' should be. When asked if the BNP would allow black churches to purchase building in certain areas of London, Mr Griffin made it clear that any church composed primarily of ethnic groups would be disallowed in historically white majority areas, and forced to conduct their worship in areas deemed suitable by a white political leadership.

Rev Hargreaves said: “BNP policy is to oppose the community cohesion that would allow non-Christians to hear the Gospel at, say, Christian school assemblies. Most alarming for Christians and churches, is their policy on ‘eliminating multiculturalism spending’. Their policy is to overhaul the Charity Commission and debar from having charitable status any organisation that promotes multiculturalism, multi-racism and foreign religions, in fact, only ‘indigenous groups’ are welcome and would receive funding."

The current BNP Mission Statement states: "The British National Party exists to secure a future for the indigenous peoples of these islands in the North Atlantic which have been our homeland for a millennia."

Revd Hargreaves added: “This statement means that the BNP does not exist for my future any other Black or ethnic minority Christian. And since in Christ racial division are demolished – “for there is neither Greek nor Jew, but all are one in Christ Jesus”– the BNP does not exist for the wider church. Last night’s debate clearly shows that the election of any BNP MP or leader of a local authority will be detrimental to black and ethnic minority Christians in particular and the wider church in general in Britain’."

Christian Today


Anonymous said...

Why wasn't the Christian Party and this religious TV channel demolishing Griffin's arguments more last night, why are they sucking up to him? Griffin lied about the St John's church in Manchester incident with the grave stones and was not challenged by these people.

Anonymous said...

Video of the programme here:

Anonymous said...

Will Griffin be standing shoulder to shoulder with Little Bob this Friday then when he goes in front of the Standards Board for his incredibly racist comments about a Nigerian church application at a planning committee.

No????? i dont think so


Clive Jefferson sucks Cocks said...

It beggars belief that the BNP section of the audience was made up of martin dumbwit security, and all the rest of the top idiots like golding and butler , it would have been more realistic being made up of all the drunken twats rather than the "yes men".
But one very interesting find is that kunta jefferson was not there , nor was he at brussels .
I have heard he is bein pushed out of the party because of his constant clumsiness and his very m alicious past.

Anonymous said...

Video of the show.

Anonymous said... follow up phone in regarding BNP on tv last night

Anonymous said... more on BNP