March 31, 2010

Don't give them a toehold in Aylesbury

The leader of a Buckinghamshire union has put out a call for help from activists

Steve Bell, branch secretary for the Bucks Health Branch of Unison, will hold a meeting a week before a planned protest by the English Defence League in Aylesbury.

Mr Bell said: "The EDL, whileclaiming not to be racist or fascist, has on previous demonstrations been giving Nazi salutes and shouting slogans that could be considered racist. BNP (British National Party) and other fascist activists have also been witnessed at these events. It is also clear that if their ideas are not challenged then the local community in which they are active, will see a rise in racist incidents.

"That is why the Bucks Health branch of Unison believes that we need to challenge their ideas and organise to defeat them, so that the ideas they represent do not get a toehold in the Aylesbury area. These ideas are not welcome and are divisive and will set back our struggle to defend the public sector and the terms and conditions of our members."

Mr Bell has invited members of the Labour movement and the local community to work out how to challenge EDL's ideas. The meeting will take place on April 26 at 7.30pm at the Multicultural Centre.

The Bucks Herald

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