March 23, 2010

A message from Nick Lowles at HOPE not hate

Over the past few days the media have been reporting that Griffin and his fellow BNP MEP Andrew Brons have been using vast amounts of taxpayer money to prop up their extremist party. Our research team have just sent me a dossier listing the benefactors of this action – and 10 of them are standing to be MPs in the coming election, including their election co-ordinator.

We are paying for the BNP’s election campaign.

This appears to be a clear misuse of public funds – and it’s up to us to demand that the EU take the strongest possible action to stop it. We’ve set up a simple tool that lets you write to four EU anti-corruption bodies at once.

According to our source inside the BNP, 14 party members are being paid with EU money. Several of them don’t even live in areas where the BNP has MEPs. And most of them are among the party’s lead candidates in the forthcoming General Election.

We can’t let this continue. If enough of us come together we can demand that the EU stamp down on the BNP’s dodgy activities – and stop each of us funding this nasty, extremist party. Our simple tool lets you write to the EU Anti-Fraud Office, the EU Ombudsman, the President of the EU Parliament, and the Secretary General.

Every taxpayer is currently funding the BNP’s election campaign. With your help we can stop this right here and right now.

You can sign our petition here.

As I write this an incredible 12,736 letters have been sent [and now - 24 hours later - the figure is well over 18,000!].

Hope not hate


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It's now nearly 22000!!!

irishtony said...

Done and proud to have participated

Anonymous said...

Nick has always been state you silly people.

Harry O'Lara said...

Nick has always been state?

Hmmm. Yes. Of course.

Seen any flying saucers lately, Larry?

Anonymous said...

"Nick has always been state you silly people."

Prof. Harry O'Lara thinks EVERYONE is a state plant (except for the wonderful Pat Harrington)!

And he reserves 99% of his (considerable) bile for the anti-fascist movement. Odd for a so-called 'anti-fascist', eh?

If only we were as enlightened as Harry (sigh!)