March 07, 2010

BNP in apartheid bid to keep party racist

Clive Jefferson - helping to bring apartheid to the newly 'non-racist' BNP
Two-tier system of 'founder members' and 'new members' to keep control out of the hands of ethnic minorities who join

BNP chiefs are plotting to keep ethnic minorities out of the party by introducing an apartheid-style membership system. The leadership has revealed plans to give special “founder member” status to whites who joined before the party was forced to drop its racist constitution. Earlier this month the party was threatened with legal sanctions if it refused to admit non-whites.

The move will effectively create a two-tier system with newer members, including all ethnic minorities, treated as second-class citizens. Leader Nick Griffin and his cronies will be able to exclude black and Asian members by designating meetings and decisions for “founder members” only.

Earlier this month Clive Jefferson, one of Griffin’s most trusted henchmen, spoke at a closed meeting in Cumbria and explained how party bosses plan to get around the new membership rules. Jefferson, who regularly accompanies Euro MP Griffin on trips to Brussels, told the meeting: “There will be teams of militant Asians and Islamics joining to cause disruption – and there’s no question about that.

“There’s things in the constitution about founder membership, so what we can do in the north-west is stop that happening, because we’ll be having meetings of the founder members only. It’s at the discretion of organisers – they can invite whoever they want.”

Sources told the Sunday Mirror they expected “founder member” status would be granted to members who had been with the party for two years when the new constitution was passed on February 14. Sikh Rajinder Singh, 78 – recently unveiled as the party’s first non-white member – could become a victim of the clause.

The BNP party hierarchy hopes to avoid new legal challenges, ­because the terminology involved does not mention skin colour.

Jon Cruddas, Labour MP for Dagenham, said: “This shows that changes to the BNP constitution are a hollow sham.”



Anonymous said...

Love the pictures ha ha.
Clive Jefferson MP for Copeland!!!
God help us all.
{tell you what them pupils arent half dilated. Parliamentary candidates should be drug tested ????]

Anonymous said...

The EHRC must bring this up in court on Tuesday before the judge. I wonder what will happen to old boy Clive now?

Anonymous said...

More legal ammo for the court case on Tuesday!

THE PEOPLE exposes BNP member sham
Russell Myers; Shekhar Bhatia, Sunday People

The British National Party's boast that it's changed its rules to let non-whites join is today exposed as a sickening sham.

A senior figure in the far-right party openly told a British Asian reporter posing as a wannabe supporter he would not be welcome.

Yet only weeks earlier, the BNP voted to end its ban on non-whites, with leader Nick Griffin bragging: "We are happy to accept anyone as a member providing they agree this country should remain fundamentally British."

Our reporter tried to join the BNP's branch in Barking, London - the party's heartland where Griffin plans to stand against Labour MP Margaret Hodge in the next General Election.

But Christine Knight, 60 - one of a dozen BNP councillors for the borough of Barking and Dagenham - left him in no doubt about the party's real attitude to non-whites.

Knight, a close ally of BNP Greater London Authority member Richard Barnbrook, told him: "The constitution may have changed but our core members would have a problem with you." And making no attempt to hide the BNP's vile views, she said: "You are for your people and I'm for mine.

"You're saying you're British but you are still siding with people who are not indigenous to the country.

"People can say I'm a racist for saying it but it's my opinion."

During a half-hour hate-filled rant she even claimed she could not get state benefits because she was "the wrong colour".

Knight - whose dad was an immigrant from Ireland - said: "I'm British, my parents were, my grandparents were, their parents were and my parents' parents' parents were.

"I'm trying to point out that things that we've paid out for thousands of years don't go to us any more."

She added: "My father came over here and joined the Army.

"My husband was born and bred here.

"But it's going to change - we'll be ethnic minorities in our own country."

The BNP decided to rewrite its constitution after being warned it broke discrimination laws.

After the party voted for the change, Griffin said he expected a "trickle rather than a flood" of applications from blacks and Asians. The whitesonly policy had been in force since the party was formed in 1982.

It was challenged in the High Court by the Equality and Human Rights Commission last year and judges are due to rule on the case next week.

Griffin - who caused outrage when he appeared on BBC1's Question Time show in October - took over as BNP leader in 1999 and has since tried to tone down the party's fascist image.

But he has been accused of choosing Barking to fight the next election as a way of deliberately exploiting local fears about immigration.

Barking has more BNP councillors than anywhere else.
And more than 40 per cent of voters backed them in wards contested by the racist party at the last local elections - compared with a Labour average of just 33 per cent.

Following The People's confrontation with Christine Knight, a BNP spokesman said last night: "As Britain's fourth biggest political party it's inevitable members will hold differing viewpoints.

"Should our new constitution be accepted by the High Court on Tuesday, membership will be open to all who support the policies and principles of the British National Party."

Anonymous said...

from VNN Forums :-

Originally Posted by Joe Owens
It has now come to my attention that Clive Jefferson was heavily involved in the drug trade in Cumbria (and surrounding areas) way before his acquittal in 2002. Now, the only uncertain fact of the matter is, was Clive Jefferson a police informer before his arrest or after? All agree up his neck of the woods he’s definitely a snitch, but was he one from the beginning? There will be a lot of truth in this given he was allowed to voice his opinion after his acquittal (discharged by the Judge and not found not guilty by a jury). Also, if you read the article right you will see Clive Jefferson was discharged on a technicality due to a police fuck - up, and not by a jury. So this rules out any nonsense he was wrongly arrested for nothing.

You may also ask ourselves this, why has searchlight ignored Clive Jefferson’s drug trial? Also, he seems to have no problem getting letters in local papers without any mention of his previous past. Clive Jefferson is another one who got arrested by “stasi” police to enhance street - cred. But it ain’t it strange the police and papers never went to town on him over his previous drug involvement. Now if they are out to get him why keep this damaging information away from the public? Surely this would damage his chances when he stands for the bnp?

Now why not mention his drug past in The Independent?

“A BNP activist who has just won an award for his campaigning efforts, appears to have been flagged up on the leaked list. Clive Jefferson's details were accompanied by the words: "Convictions – monitor." Mr Jefferson, from Cockermouth, Cumbria, who last week was named BNP activist of the year, said "malicious" alterations had been made to the list before it was leaked. Mr Jefferson, the BNP press officer for Cumbria, is regarded as influential in the party and is a close ally of its leader, Nick Griffin.”

Anonymous said...

I think John Cruddas is wrong. This isn't apartheid. The public will view disrupters as legitimate targets for expulsion or being sidelined. It would be best to play the long game and see a genuine ethnic member being sidelined and then point the fingers. It will happen.

Anonymous said...

Jefferson 'knows' a bit about drugs, but his controllers won't let the public know, he is a State agent provocateur.

DG said...

Beady-eyed bastard!

Mr X said...

Clive Jefferson doesn't look shifty at all, does he.

Anonymous said...

Dominic Carman's future revelations keep the one-eyed Fascist away from the TV screens.

Anonymous said...

Isn't this illegal and could be challenged in court?

Anonymous said...

I will bet loads of money that this makes absolutely no difference to Jeffersons standing in the party. I think he is just one of Griffins robots,no brain ,inteligence,charisma,,but a long tongue.You could produce a picture of bu and Bin laded snorting coke and shagging each other.The BNP will just say its a red conspiracy dont believe it etc..

Anonymous said...

more lies
Stafford does not work apart from his working while claiming benefits at the wigton bnp office.
and a quick call to the the west coast rugby chums reveal he is lying about his rugby credentials too.

Anonymous said...

Forgive me but who is Joe Owens ?