March 15, 2010

Students take down pro-BNP effigy

A pro-British National Party (BNP) effigy was removed by University of Manchester students last week on Oldham Street

The effigy was part of a small BNP rally that took place at the Ace of Diamonds pub, in Manchester, on Wednesday.

Jess Bradley, first year Environmental Sciences student and organiser of the counter-protest said: “We got a tip off from a member of Unite Against Fascism (UAF) that a rally was going on in a pub called the Ace of Diamond, on Oldham Road in Manchester, which was owned by one of the organiser of BNP North. The tip said they were holding a rally there.

The group of students found the effigy of Gordon Brown in a broken toilet outside of the pub, in view of the street. The effigy had pro-BNP signs attached to it.

“We managed to mobilise a group of students to counter them, but they had left. So we took down all their propaganda. Fascism is a real threat on our streets and in our University. The EDL have been organising in our Union, before the march in Manchester. So it is a real threat to students, because of their racism, homophobia and bigotry. We are a building a movement against fascist groups, like the BNP and the EDL.”

Bradley added: “We are going to the EDL march in Bolton, to counter their protests, on March 20.”



Anonymous said...

"We managed to mobilise a group of students to counter them"

Well done, Manchester students!

Anonymous said...

BNP manage to select a dim wit who know nothing about the constituency!

"The 48-year-old also revealed she did not know Admiral Blake was synonymous with Bridgwater and was 'not aware' of the Sedgemoor Splash"

Anonymous said...

Pleaes can do a piss take on "2BE" Joey Smiths cringe worthy new pop act.

Anonymous said...

Isn't El Racist Rathole closing shortly , or has the shite tip had a stay of executuion?