March 23, 2010

Racist BNP sets sights on Ireland

The racist British National Party have their sights set on Ireland, Sunday World can reveal. The controversial party have been building links with right-wing extremists across the island and even offered money and training to supporters living here.

A group of Irish BNP activists from the UK have been looking to make contact with the recently formed Irish National Party. One BNP member even spent a frantic three-day trip to Dublin desperately trying to find the INP leadership this week. However, we can reveal that since Sunday World exposed INP leaders David Barrett and Ollie Allen as Nazis, the pair have abandoned their planned anti-immigration party.

BNP activist, Paul Ryan, revealed that his party are desperate to get a foothold in Ireland and already have a network of contacts across the country. While trying to make contact with the INP, Ryan inadvertently revealed his plans to our undercover reporter.

He explained that party Deputy Chairman, Simon Darby, spends much of his time traveling to the North, where former orange man, Jim Dowson, runs the party’s call centre.

“Darby is very interested in getting a group going in Ireland that we can work together with,” Ryan declared. “I can get loads of people to join you from Irish community as well as our people living in Dublin. In the past the BNP had a problem with Irish people but there is a group of us now who support the party and they are very open to the idea of a similar party in Ireland.”

Ryan offered the party money and advice on security as well as issuing an invitation to attend the BNP’s annual red, white and blue festival, which draws in far right groups from across Europe. He ranted about the threats posed to Ireland and the UK by Muslims and mass immigration.

“I promise you that I can help you out as a party, financially with fundraising and to give you advice,” he added. “We are as determined as yourselves. Frank O’Brien (BNP election candidate) from the BNP is good friend of mine and he is of Irish descent, I want to put him in touch with the INP. We are in touch with Swedish groups and want to get a network across Europe of nationalist parties.”

BNP leading member Darby recently commented that he would be “overjoyed if an Irish National Party was set up and we would do all we could to help it.” His comment came just weeks before the Irish National Party publicly announced their existence.

A leaked email from BNP Solihull Councillor, George Morgan, to the INP pledged support for the group.

“As a fellow nationalist I believe that, regardless of whether we are of Celtic, or Anglo Saxon stock, we face the same basic threats to our heritage, culture, identity and ultimately our future,” the Cllr declared. “I further believe that as nationalists we must fight these threats on a united front, albeit different peoples but with a common ancestry. I would suggest that in the first instance you contact the regional organiser for the West Midlands.”

Following a recent Sunday World exposé the emergent Irish National Party were exposed as an anti-Semitic far-right thugs. The group’s website was taken down within days and anti-Semitic party leader, paediatric nurse, David Barrett, has been keeping a low profile.

The party was unable to meet with the BNP to get vital funding and training as the BNP’s contact was intercepted by this paper. However, a new website was hastily launched this week to replace the INP’s failed project – the London registered site is believed to be linked to British attempts to gain a foothold in Irish politics.

The BNP say their plan for Ireland is to “end the conflict” by making the North and South part of the United Kingdom. BNP have links to Irish pro-life group, Youth Defence through their main fundraiser, Jim Dowson. Dowson runs the BNP’s Belfast call centre and is believed to be bankrolling the BNP, providing hundreds of thousands in funding, according to recently leaked accounts for the party. The former Orange Man has links to the loyalist murderer Michael Stone and has been described as a “rent-a-cause extremist”.

He formed Precious Life Scotland, later the UK Life League in 1999, and has been in regular contact with Youth Defence since.

Brian Whelan


Anonymous said...

"The BNP say their plan for Ireland is to “end the conflict” by making the North and South part of the United Kingdom. "

Even racists in Ireland would never agree to that so a INP linked with the BNP would never work. Think there was an article the other week about because of sectarianism the SLD are failing in Scotland.

Anonymous said...

"The BNP say their plan for Ireland is to “end the conflict” by making the North and South part of the United Kingdom"

Yeah...That's gonna be popular with the locals in Kerry and Cork! What's a BNP government going to do? Re-establish the 'Black and Tans'?
I won't put it past them and I could see them withdrawing British troops from the Middle East and sending them straight to Southern Ireland!

The BNP and all post war fascist parties (except Mosley's Union Movement) have been pro-Loyalist and hostile to Irish Catholic immigrants in the UK. There have been several attempts to establish fascist parties south of the border and they have always come to nothing (and combination of indifference from the public and hostility from traditional Irish Republicanism). The last 'mass' fascist style party in Ireland was O'Duffy's Blueshirts in the 1930's although even that passed quickly. It will be interesting to see whether this INP (if it even exists at all) has legs. Their position on this lunatic scheme to recreate the pre-1922 Union will be interesting.

Anonymous said...

Reading this article, doesn't almost seem like an advert for the new racist party? Even their website is advertised and policy positions given.

Anonymous said...

There will be no deals with the tims. The BNP is a loyalist party.

The preservation of the Union and the Protestant constitution is paramount.

Anonymous said...

The BNP have quite a few old time Mosleyites in the Party who still look towards the Union Movement policy on Ireland. The growing influence of the Mosleyite newspaper Action has also had a very worrying impact on some sections of the BNP's thinking. I am very concerned about these developments as a BNP with an idealogy that makes sense is far more dangerous. The Mosley people are like the Militant readers of yester-year. Small but very dangerous and sadly didn't die with the 'leaders' death 30 years ago. We should be watching them very carefully.

irishtony said...

ha ha ha
What a way of losing votes from the Irish community in England

Anonymous said...

The BNP may try and wish and but as the last past stated "what a way of losing Irish votes in England". No, that war is over. Albeit a small one. It is such and OLD issue it must be discarded. God willing.