March 11, 2010

Well go on then, eat your hat

A vicious little BNP racist runt, hiding behind the nom-de-plume "Rugfish", "writes" regularly for the cowardly Paul Morris's "Green Arrow" blog - you know, the one where all these "patriotic heroes" keep their identities well hidden while they indulge their fantasies on the only place they dare - the Internet.

Rugfish is an averagely characteristic member of the Paul Morris gang, which in itself is averagely characteristic of the BNP generally, being obsessed with such heady concepts as "Islamo-fascism", the "Islamic Jackbooted Labour Government", "Marxist Conservatives", and on and on into the BNP night.

We're all used to his spittle-flecked rants, his racism and his hatred, but his dyslexia is something new.

Now it's been no great secret that the Muslim community around King's Lynn, Norfolk (around 70 strong) have been looking for premises in which to set up an Islamic centre - essentially a sort of community centre for Muslims. To that end they have been raising money among themselves, had spotted a building that would fulfil their needs, and made a planning application to the local council.

Naturally, this upset the local racists in the BNP, including the decidedly non-Norfolk Dave Fleming (who hails from Northern Ireland), and, naturally, they objected. Not, you understand, on the grounds that the Islamic Centre would be used by "the darkies" - no, Fleming and company were worried about "parking problems" and "air quality".

The strange thing is that when Fleming's candidature for North West Norfolk was announced on the BNP website, on February 12th, the BNP was claiming that Fleming and his friends had "successfully submitted an objection to a planning application for an Islamic centre in King’s Lynn".

It's strange, because the application wasn't even considered until Monday - March 1st.

Fleming and friends soon left their deep-seated worries about "parking problems" behind as they got to the heart of what it is they really object to. The BNP website reports Fleming thus:
“..any Islamic project threatens social cohesion because Islam sequesters and segregates finances, social interaction, and the general conduct of both working and domestic life, to avoid contamination by non-Muslim practices.

“Islam governs all aspects of a citizen’s life, and permits little, if any, departure from its rules.

“Islam does not permit half measures in its daily practice and observance; however, half measures are permitted by Islam if they are necessary to work towards a life in full accordance with Islamic law..."
How this bigot was allowed to address the planning committee in these terms without being ejected is anybody's guess.

The BNP website reports that Fleming's objection was carried by the planning committee by 9 to 7 - “Yes to Fenland; no to Fenistan”, said Fleming, perhaps, not being a local himself, unaware that King's Lynn is part of Marshland, not Fenland.

If the application fell due to the BNP's racist objections then somebody has some explaining to do - but there may have been other, legitimate grounds on which the application failed. The BNP, who cannot seem to move their lips without uttering a lie, may simply be claiming credit for a victory that isn't theirs. Either way, the racist, bigoted nature of their objection puts the decision to refuse the application in some doubt, since we know that it is going to be appealed, and Fleming's disgusting performance will be cited as part of the appeal.

What has this to do with the idiotic cretin "Rugfish" and dyslexia?

Well Rugfish, having read the BNP report of Fleming's "victory" and doubtless having got his hands very wet and sticky, seems to have convinced himself that King's Lynn and west Norfolk is awash with BNP councillors. Mistaking "a delegation of BNP parliamentary candidates" for "councillors", he excitedly penned a typical "Green Arrow" fantasy entitled "I'm ready to eat my hat", exulting:
So the first rejection, as reported on the BNP Website, was carried marginally by BNP Councilors on a vote of 9-7 against but they were nearly outdone by the Nothing British Non-Patriotic Conservative Party Councillors (what do they conserve?), however with much argument, British National Party Councillors won, and the people of King's Lynn can rest a few more weeks until the Islamic Labour Party gets its Jack Boots on and kicks them into touch.
No, you cretinous little twit. The BNP has no councillors anywhere in Norfolk, and as long as we draw breath never will.


ex-fascist said...

Not wishing to teach my granny to suck eggs but a planning application made to a local authority can only be refused on strictly planning grounds.

Such grounds certainly do not include the colour of an applicant's skin, their religion, fears over what may or may not occur within the confines of the new building after it is constructed etc.

The grounds given for refusal should be contained within the minutes of the meeting, which ought to be publicly available online and/or from the offices of the council in question.

If there is any indication that the application has been refused as a consequence of concerns specifically about Muslims, whether real or imagined, it will be overturned on appeal and the council could have costs awarded against it.

Denise said...

Some election results:

Redwell W (Well'borough BC)

Con 570 (57.17%)
Lab 186 (18.66%)
BNP 84 (8.43%) -7.28%
LibD 72 (7.22%)
EndD 62 (6.22%)
Grn 23 (2.31%)

By-election result, March 2008

Con 665 (59.01%)
BNP 177 (15.71%)
Lab 169 (15.0%)
LibD 40 (3.55%)
UKIP 39 (3.46%)
Grn 37 (3.28%)

2007 result

Con 836/818
Lab 243/237

Adeyfield W (Dacorum BC)

Con 486 (32.84%)
Lab 429 (28.99%)
LibD 362 (24.46%)
BNP 203 (13.72%)

2007 result

Lab 518/502
Con 508/481
Libdem 200/178

The BNP's Adeyfield % is the party's second best performance on virgin territory since the Euro elections :-)

Anonymous said...

once a fascist always a fascist no such thing as ex fascist