March 06, 2010

Ernst Zundel and the BNP

Ernst Zundel, veteran Holocaust Denier and the author of The Hitler We Loved And Why, was released from Mannheim Prison in Germany on Monday after serving five years for Holocaust Denial. He was greeted by a small gathering of friends and supporters, as you can watch here (Zundel appears after about 5 mins):

You won’t be surprised to see that Michele Renouf was present and gave Zundel a big bunch of flowers to celebrate his freedom.

If you had been at all taken in by the BNP’s efforts to rebrand away their neo-Nazi, Holocaust denying heritage, you might be surprised to see BNP Advisory Council member Richard Edmonds taking photos of Zundel as he emerges (at about 7:10, with glasses, a bald patch and a dark green jacket). Edmonds’ presence is confirmed by a report on Zundel’s website [warning: link to offensive website].



G. Bradley said...

Edmonds is a real conundrum isn't he. On the one hand an unreconstructed nazi, on the other speaking in support of the motion to allow non-whites into the BNP. Who knows what goes on in his head.

ken red said...

I don't know why the media make up lies about the BNP when all they have to do is tell the truth about Griffin who is destroying his party.

Anonymous said...

Barnes goes off on one about this on Harry's Place

"Big fucking deal.


What an epic story ‘BNP man meets friend’.

Wow !

Someone should sell the movie rights to fucking Hollywood as I can see this one being a fucking blockbuster.

Coming from the CST – a fascist and racist Jewish militia operating as a private army for Israel in the UK – this has to be a joke right.

Right ?

Oh and has anyone found out why Israel used British passports to kill that bloke in Dubai – thanks to our gallant Israeli allies for putting all British citizens at risk of murder all across the Middle East.

Has the CST condemned Mossad for this – nah, thought not.

He really sounds like a legal representative, doesn't he.