April 29, 2010

Aylesbury protest: 'This won't be the last'

The national leader of the English Defence League yesterday warned that Saturday's demonstration in Aylesbury could be the first of many after a bitter row erupted with police and council bosses.

Officers were hoping to keep EDL members on the outskirts of town before a rally in Market Square, to prevent skirmishes with counter demonstrators. But yesterday Tommy Robinson – not his real name – said EDL protestors are now planning to evade police and instead gather in Vale Park – where an anti-EDL demonstration is due to be held.

He said: "If our demonstration doesn't go how we want it to go, we'll come back in six weeks. No other place has tried to block us like this one has."

The EDL fell foul of police and council chiefs after trying to put up a stage and use loudspeakers – which they need a licence for. At a tense meeting on Monday, they were also told that they were not allowed to carry wooden framed banners. Coachloads of EDL members would have been met by police and escorted to Market Square, where they would have been contained inside solid barriers.

Robinson said ominously: "We don't think they're doing well if they want it to go peacefully.

The Bucks Herald


Workingman said...

Bet the other towns in the area are worried the idiotic EDL may turn up at the wrong place


Kev Scott loves The Jam said...

I wonder if any of them are planning to hold a protest in Western Super Mare???

The Daily Snitch said...

The EDL get police protection cos of the infamous grassing which went on in the Sheffield police station.

Anonymous said...

And the EDL don't get police co-operation?

Absolute scandal and travesty on campus!!

On my way to the Guild I saw a sight I thought I would never see - an EDL march going through our campus.

That's right. EDL.

There were about fifteen young white men (with somewhat cliched shaved hair), marching with a large English flag at their lead that had EDL written over it and chanting "EDL EDL EDL." I may be wrong, but they did not look like university students (or staff).

Admittedly, at this point they were being ushered by probably an equal number of police in the direction away from the campus.

I was just gobsmacked. I later asked three police why the EDLites hadn't been arrested for trespass or unlawful marching. Apparently, the police wanted to ensure everyone's safety, fair enough and the EDLites hadn't done too much - although they had been warned for abusive or inciteful language or something.

Ok the university and police could not control who comes on to campus, but the EDL had managed to get right in to the centre to University Sq, which would have involved going past dozens of police. Why weren't they stopped. Why did the University not demand they were arrested?

I shall be writing to the VC to express my disappointment that a great day for the university was tarred in this way.