April 03, 2010

Exit of three top BNP officers confirmed

Following our report earlier today of the resignation of Emma Colgate from her post as BNP manager, the BNP has amended its national contacts spreadsheet. Absent are Colgate, Eddy Butler, the former national organiser and national elections officer, and Mark Collett, the former head of publicity.

The changes confirm the stories circulating on nazi web forums that the unpopular Collett has finally fallen out of favour. A BNP organisers’ bulletin circulated on 31 March referred to “financial irregularities and ‘scamming’ concerning the procurement of print, especially large election print run, leaflets and regular publications including Identity magazine”. It appears that Nick Griffin, the BNP leader, has finally accepted that there is substance to the long-standing accusations that Collett has been making a huge personal profit on the design and print procurement he carries out for the party.

Collett is also accused of leaking “sensitive party information” onto the internet and “feeding lies to certain anti-BNP blog sites”.

The organisers’ bulletin continues: “Earlier this week, the police were made aware of very serious allegations potentially affecting the personal safety of Party chairman Nick Griffin MEP and senior management/fundraising consultant James Dowson. Formal statements have now been made to the police, including by Mr. Griffin.”

Although the bulletin says it the party is “unable to provide any further details in order not to prejudice any resulting legal proceedings”, it goes on to announce that: “Mark Collett was conspiring with a small clique of other party officials to launch a ‘palace coup’ against our twice democratically elected party leader, Nick Griffin, and that in order to create the artificial climate of disillusionment necessary for this to stand any chance of success, lies and unfounded rumours have been spread, and were planned to be spread much further. Mr. Collett has therefore been relieved of all positions within the Party with immediate effect.”

As a result Collett’s Wikipedia entry was updated with incredible haste to state that he “was Director of Publicity for the Party before being suspended from the party in early April 2010”.

A second organisers’ bulletin calls on “regional organisers and key officials” to attend an “urgent briefing meeting” on Easter Monday, which “will cover recent events, urgent organisational matters, including a crucial update from our new National Elections Officer Clive Jefferson”. Jefferson, who only a few months ago was promoted to North West regional organiser, quietly replaces Butler in the national elections officer role. He is also one of the BNP officers fraudulently on the European Parliament payroll.

All this comes at the worst possible time for the BNP, five weeks before elections in which it hopes to win control of Barking and Dagenham council and get Griffin and Simon Darby, the party's deputy leader, elected to the House of Commons.

Collett stood trial alongside Griffin in 2006 on race hate charges and was acquitted. Although Griffin always stood by him, he knew Collett was a fool. “I constantly have to lecture Mark Collett about all sorts of things,” said Nick Griffin. “He is a pig ignorant man. Often it goes in one ear and straight out of the other.”

A few years ago Collett starred in a Channel 4 documentary called Young, Nazi and Proud, in which he said he would prefer to live in 1930s Nazi Germany than in today’s Britain. He also attacked Winston Churchill and the British Royal Family.

Hope not hate


Anonymous said...

And yet again people of powerful positions in the party have gone.
dont get me wrong collett and the rest are Nazis and should be gone, but dont for one moment think this is because griffin is cleaning house and cleaning up the image.Again all where looking at is propaganda, give the public a focal point to direct any doubts etc they may have about voting bnp on collet and they may think the party is ok to vote for now..
After all its widely accepted that the Labour party has done exactly the same with mandleson let the shit go his way and away from the party.
Everyone should read about propaganda and how it works,they will see that they are following it perfectly

Anonymous said...

Could this turn off Butler from standing as BNP candidate in B & D


Anonymous said...

so they've now got an "elections officer" who has never won an election?

Anonymous said...

Good riddance to Collett, the worst of a bad bunch!

Anonymous said...

Eddie Butler has never been a loyal griffinite. He split away with Newlands and the Edwards to form the Freedom party only to climb back aboard the BNP when FP failed. Later it was strongly rumoured he was going to side with the December rebels.

Bet he wished he had now.

Maybe HE should mount a leadership challenge.

Anonymous said...

is Joe Smith Barber standing down in support of his buddy colette the clown?

Anonymous said...

will pikey Paul Golding be getting his old jobs back of publicity dept and identity producer?

will he be able to afford a BMW and a posh pad too?

Anonymous said...

The religious nutcase, conman and fake charity owner Dowson is slowly taking over the BNP, he is the reason behind the recent sackings, this madman is even more dodgy, cunning and crafty that the one-eyed, fat Fuhrer.

Anonymous said...

Can someone please clarify this for me. Collet,Butler,Colgate....all gone.
Jefferson[im hard me,and a drug dealer] has been promoted.
Is Jefferson supplying Griffin with drugs or what.
Getting rid of 3 arseholes for one super arsehole is not good management.

Anonymous said...

Butler never split away.

Red Flag said...

Just been reading what that lunatic Joe Owens has to say.

Even the fash are getting bored with him and accusing him of working for Searchlight.

He is in serious need of some kind of therapy for his paranoia.

Echelon_g26 said...

Nothing....NOTHING....in the mainstream media.

Who is protecting who, and why?

Anonymous said...

"Could this turn off Butler from standing as BNP candidate in B & D"

Tulip, Butler can't stand in the Barking local elections he lives in Epping. Unless of course electoral fraud is goig on?

Anonymous said...

"Tulip, Butler can't stand in the Barking local elections he lives in Epping. Unless of course electoral fraud is goig on?"

The rumour is that there are several Fascist candidates contesting wards in Barking who don't live in the borough, this should be fully investigated?

Anonymous said...

It's quite funny that this should all break on All Fools Eve, and turn out to be true! Typical Nazzers - fucking wazzocks.

Anonymous said...

Could this be termed Colgate-gate?

Anonymous said...

I have been told by a neighbour Emma Colgate and Eddy Butler are an item, so no surprise there. Collett is hated by everyone, he is seen as an embrarassment. No one would want anything to do with Butler in Epping either.

Anonymous said...

"Tulip, Butler can't stand in the Barking local elections he lives in Epping. Unless of course electoral fraud is goig on?"

He's on the electoral register in Barking and Epping Forest. There's a few interesting house shares in Barking.

Anonymous said...

"Nothing....NOTHING....in the mainstream media."

There is now: http://www.mirror.co.uk/news/top-stories/2010/04/04/two-aides-sacked-in-failed-coup-to-oust-bnp-leader-115875-22160050/

Mr X said...

Collett is over, he’s used and abused the sucker BNP membership in the extreme for many years to make money, even bragging about it openly; I know because I’ve been there when he has. He is truly one of the most loathsome creatures I have ever had the misfortune of meeting.

He will now land on his face with a hell of a bang, and no matter how much crying and blubbering onto his mothers lap (I know about that also Mark) will change that fact – you are now back on planet Earth Marky-boy, no longer planet Gri££in where the streets are paved for you with dodgy receipts and cash.
Everyone gets theirs in the end, and now its time for you, cockroach.

Griffin is now a desperate man, he reminds me largely of Hitler in his last bunker weeks, blaming everyone and anyone for his failures hanging onto leadership because anyone that would have challenged him has long since been removed. Lickspittle sycophants and naive newbie members – this is all that holds the fragile fragments of the BNP together.

An organised and consorted effort now could well bury Griffin in these up-coming elections. He thinks that his MEP position has given him a rung on the political ladder that cannot be denied. What he hasn’t calculated into the equation is the fact that it can still become an empty box that we can bury him in, once people realise just how useless and ineffectual he is. Unlike the main political party’s, he will not have the huge financial/business backing they have and he will fall; and hard. Maybe he could get a job alongside Collett – sweeping up shit in a warehouse, all either of them are good for.

One fact that brings this all into stark perspective is Griffin appointing No.1 Griffo-sycophant, Jefferson replacing the mildly effective Butler. Jefferson is next to utterly useless, largely detested within the BNP and has a very shady past. He is however, willing to turn a blind-eye to anything Griffin does; he just needs to have his ego massaged and awarded a new position every so often – yet another classic Hitler-ism.

Griffin and his workings represent so much about what is wrong with our society today, total ignorance or indifference towards others in the pursuit of what the individual believes the world rightfully owes them, regardless to what is destroyed or who is used and trodden into the ground to get it.

It should everyone’s aim in these elections to deny Griffin any further personal gain and aid in his ultimate collapse.

A BNP after Griffin? I think not, the viability of the product has been far too dirtied. The status-quo of ineptitude and corruption would only allow a similarly flawed personality back into the void due to the calibre of people around it. The general public will soon learn that what Griffin has created is no answer to the problems we face together; it is simply part of it.

Anonymous said...

@anonymous who claimes "Butler never split away".........

Read Identity magazine in which griffin refers to the Butler/newland clique and claims Butler wanted blacks in the BNP. Or just read this from wikipedia.

"Butler was closely linked to the founders of the Freedom Party and joined that group in 2001.[5] Although appointed as Campaign Director,...."

Dont rewrite history, Butler left the BNP. Its a fact

Anonymous said...

so if there is only jefferson left to get rid of,,why has no one ran a story on him. a lot of right wing sights are convinced hes a plant.
come on get righting

NewsHound said...



Anonymous said...

hmmmmmmmmmm.... still not entirely convinced because collet was "suspneded" once before I think, after one of his tv debacles. Its was a phony suspensions and this one oculd be

Red Sonia said...

At last, Collett has got his overdue come uppance like the other useless idiots Shady Graham and Pratt Dingle exiled to political wilderness where they belong

Anonymous said...

''hmmmmmmmmmm.... still not entirely convinced because collet was "suspneded" once before I think, after one of his tv debacles. Its was a phony suspensions and this one oculd be''

The difference is that this time he's had a visit from PC Plod. And would Griffin put forward a formal police complaint against anybody he wanted back? No way, Jose. This time, Collet is toast.

It's amusing to watch the Fash fighting like cats again, but Collet was an embarrassment for them. He lost them thousands of votes every time he opened his stupid mouth and just his face put people off. It's the sort of face that needs a good slap.

So I fear that once the dust has settled this could work for them and not us. For example, rumor has it that Scott Mclean has now rejoined on hearing the news. Others former Decemberists may follow, particularly north of the boarder where McLean has a lot of influence.

Of course we still have the possibility that Collet will take the Murdoch filthy lucre and provide one hell of a kiss and tell story just prior to election day. Now that would fun.

Anonymous said...

I have been told by a neighbour Emma Colgate and Eddy Butler are an item

If your neighbour ever gives you a racing tip then I would seriously pass on it. Colgate is engaged to one of Griffins security guards and that is quite well known.

Anonymous said...

"At last, Collett has got his overdue come uppance like the other useless idiots Shady Graham and Pratt Dingle"

If they were all "useless" why did Griffin appojnt them to the posts he did? And why, in the case, of Collett did he praise his work and design skills over and over again?

They are/were all griffin choices so what does that make griffin?

Anonymous said...

when does collett spill the beans? when do we see his queens evidence.

Or is he another Sharon ebanks... all talk and no actual evidence?

Anonymous said...

Yeah collett being suspended is a put up job, a sop - just like this was....

"Mr Collett was previously sacked from the party after his controversial appearance in a Channel 4 documentary. " - frome the independent.

if girffin was a leader hed have given mark the nark the chop then

Anonymous said...

Apparently colettes arrest was not for fraud/embezzlement but for threatening to kill griffin.... ha ha ha ha, what a pussy griffin must be if he's scared of colette, colette couldnt hurt anyone, he's a wimp himself


and if everyone who threatened to kill griffin was arrested they'd be no spare cells

Anonymous said...

thanks anon @10.32 I do know of a couple of them house sharers, but if you could let me have a list would really appreciate it.

Also would like to say how openhanded and reasonable Lancaster Unity are. It is becoming even more obvious to many of us who have been long term supporters that dis-satisfied BNPers etc now feel secure enough to come on here and vent their feelings.

Anonymous said...

yep colegate is going out with the youngish bloke who pushed the woman protester out the way at the parliament demo. The bloke was mistaken for jefferson but was later identififed as a young man from essex.

colegate and butlker may have had a thing going at one time but since she's piled on the pounds it would need someone with security build and strength to lift and embrace her.

and baldy old boy butler aint up to that job