April 10, 2010

Leeds Market Stall Removes Nazi Icons

The Towel Shop in Leeds Kirkgate Market, who were reported as selling neo-nazi memorabilia, have been forced to take the white power flags off sale perminantly as a result of continued actions by local anti-fascists; including giving the owner a regular reminder of the opposition to his disgusting items on sale.

The final straw was when Leeds Council had received so many complaints, they wrote a letter to the stall owner requesting that the offending articles were taken off show and not sold on their property.

This is a victory for local anti-fascist activists and goes to show that no symbol or part of fascism will be tollerated on our streets.

Yorks Antifash at Indymedia

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UK Fightback said...

Very well done, congratulations

There are loads of stalls in the Barras, Glasgow, selling shit like this