April 16, 2010

Met inquiry into BNP’s ‘dirty tricks’ against Margaret Hodge

Police are investigating the British National Party for allegedly running a dirty tricks campaign against a rival candidate.

The Met confirmed it was looking into claims the far-right party had lied in literature about Margaret Hodge, the Labour hopeful in Barking. BNP leader Nick Griffin is challenging the culture minister for the east London seat.

In a newsletter sent to residents, his party claimed Mrs Hodge had financial interests in a proposed new prison for Barking. It also carried a cartoon suggesting she was personally behind a ‘racist’ housing allocation. It also said a member of her staff hung up on an ex-soldier when he called her office.

Mrs Hodge said: ‘This is politics of the worst kind. Griffin creates a big lie, tells it often enough and it hopes it becomes a truth.’

Her lawyers have contacted the BNP over the claims. The BNP denies any wrong-doing. Meanwhile, Charlotte Lewis, a BNP candidate, defended as ‘hilarious’ pictures of her wearing a burka and fishnet stockings at a party.


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Anonymous said...

The BNP are a paranoid fringe party. It's in their DNA. They counter, what they consider to be, lies against them with their own lies and dirty tricks. It will backfire on them.