April 23, 2010

BNP three use 'troops out' name in three Welsh seats

Three British National Party (BNP) candidates in Wales will not be using the party's name on ballot papers at the general election, it has emerged. Instead BNP candidates in Swansea East, Swansea West and Gower will appear as "Support Our Troops Bring Them Home". The BNP said they had not intended just to use that name, but Swansea council said it was the party's decision.

The Electoral Commission said candidates can use a different name under the regulations. It confirmed the move was legal, as the alternative name is a properly registered description for the BNP. Voters will be able to tell that the three are official BNP candidates only from the party logo on the ballot paper.

A spokesperson for the commission said: "Our advice to voters is always to scrutinise the ballot paper very carefully."

A BNP spokesperson confirmed all three candidates are standing for the party, and not as a splinter group. The spokesperson said a Swansea council official misled them when they filled in the candidate forms, which was why he said the three candidates were registered under the "Support Our Troops Bring Them Home" name. He also said the forms used by the council were more complicated than those used by most other UK local authorities.

In response, the council said: "It was the BNP representative's decision to take [to put Support Our Troops Bring Them Home on the ballot paper] and he was in no way misled by Swansea council."

The council also said nomination papers filled out by the BNP were in a standard form produced for use across the UK.

"There is no material difference between the form used by the BNP and one produced by the Electoral Commission," it added.



Bristol Antiracists said...

Please can you publish this story on your blog, Ketlan


Bristol Anti-Racists

Anonymous said...

cheatin' bastards!

Anonymous said...

Bnp Fundraiser Diane Leech Bring Our Troops home campaign.

Below are links to Diane leech campaigning under “Bring Our Troops home” which is the bnp election battle cry for 2010, she has a facebook to collect money, and sells t shirts badges and car stickers which are obviously bnp design. She claims to have sold thousands but no details of what she has raised has ever been published!

Diane Leech Fb group

The creator is Billy Noel Peters who is Bnp as stated on his facebook.

This is a video of Diane Leech on sky why she voted BNP Jun 8, 2009

This is a video of Diane Leech and Roger Phillips at BNP red white and blue 2009 where she also got married and had her wedding party.

This is Diane Leech’s husband campaigning for the BNP April 6, 2010 2nd from left in photo. They are both still very active with the bnp and lots more can be found on the net.

What worries me is that no one ever see’s evidence of where the money collected goes, how do the public know that their donations end up helping the troops or are they ending up in the pockets of the BNP.
She is not saying she is a charity or organisation so accounts cannot be checked it is not known if she even informed the tax man. I have been told she collects money in a sandwich box with no seal and no records are kept and she gets very defensive if you ask her about what evidence she has that the money she collects goes to the troops.

Anonymous said...

BNP council candidate denies assault charges

A BNP council candidate is due to appear in court days before the May 6 local elections charged with attacking two women at East Croydon train station.
Dave Clarke, who hopes to win a seat in the Heathfield ward, is accused of punching and shoving the two women, who were anti-fascist protesters, after spotting them handing out anti-BNP leaflets.


Anonymous said...

Read the latest puff piece in the Daily Mail on the BNP's manifesto launch?

This election's nutty BNP idea is de-facto 'Concentration Camps' on South Georgia for everybody the BNP doesn't like.

How about it, lads and lasses? We'd all better get a taste for boiled penguin!

iliacus said...

BNP member puts his shoes on the wrong feet.

"It's all the fault of the shoe shop for supplying complex shoes without colour-coded laces. We were misled"

BNP member chokes trying to swallow a whole potato.

"It was all the fault of the greengrocer. He should have explained that potatoes can be cut up using a knife. This was never made clear to our member. This was a shocking racist murder of a white patriot by the LibLabCon."

BNP member doesn't know his a**e from his elbow

Anonymous said...

Shame on the BBC, they are once again sanitising a party founded on fascist and Nazi principles, as a member of UAF clashed on film with a BNP supporter (an ordinary lady who's been conned by Griffin and Co morelike) who claims to have a South American Jewish mother!

Blaming the ills of one group of people upon another group is what the BNP is about, like the BUF in the 1930s: I am white working class and proud but nobody pulls the wool over my eyes. The BNP are racist rightwing scum.