April 09, 2010

Twitter users poke fun at BNP's 'Britian' gaffe

Twitter gaffe: BNP spell 'Britain' incorrectly
Thousands tweet after party officials mis-spell 'Britain' on their page on the social networking site

Thousands of Twitter users had fun at the expense of the far-right British National Party on Friday - after party officials mis-spelled "Britain" on their page on the social networking site. The biography section of party's Twitter page stated: "The British National Party exists to secure a future for the indigenous peoples of Great Britian."

In response, users of the site tweeted and re-tweeted a message poking fun at the gaffe. The message said: "Dear @bnp, you have spelt Great Britain wrong on your Twitter Bio. But hey, we all get things wrong don't we?"

One user, username @kelsey_feed, said: "Brilliant. The BNP can't even SPELL BRITAIN yet claim to represent its 'peoples'." Another described the gaffe on the microblogging site as "petty but snigger-worthy".

The BNP's Twitter feed is primarily used to spread news stories published on their website. Headlines on the page include "Mass Murderers, Torturers and Rapists All Welcome in Labours 'Enriched' Britain" and "Immigration - BNP is the only party voters can trust".



Anonymous said...

Bunch of useless twats. Britian, indeed.

Anonymous said...

They never learn. I remember seeing a photo of a bit of National Front graffiti in an old copy of Time Out magazine. It was painted on a bridge and read,
"Put Britian First: Vote NF".

The wags at TO put a caption underneath reading, "...and education last!"