April 23, 2010

Survey on the BNP in Barking and Dagenham

A survey of NUT members in Barking and Dagenham showed an overwhelming majority (94 %) of teachers would not want to work for a BNP led council and 75% would consider no longer working in the borough.

The survey, done in conjunction with Hope not Hate, highlighted teachers' concerns that a BNP gain would impact negatively on the morale of teachers and have a detrimental effect on the education of children in the area.

Teachers' comments warned that "I think it would be the worst thing in the world. I would be frightened for people's safety. I see the ethnic mix of this borough as a positive thing for me and my children. Please stop them." Another simply said 'Disaster!' Others spoke of the need to stay on in the borough and continue to fight against the BNP.

Christine Blower General Secretary of the National Union of Teachers, the largest teachers' union, said;

"This survey shows that teachers have a genuine fear of the consequences that a BNP-led council would bring to schools in Barking and Dagenham and the threat it will pose to ensuring our schools are protected as havens of tolerance and community cohesion.

"The growth of far-right organisations in recent years is of grave concern to the NUT, particularly when this means they could have influence on schools, and the lives of our members and the pupils they teach. That is why we are using our political fund to campaign vigorously against the BNP during the election period."

A spokesman for the anti-fascist group Hope Not Hate said:

"This poll graphically illustrates the danger of the BNP. Would you want your child's education in the hands of a party that praises the Nazis and claims the Holocaust never happened? Their politics of division, extremism and hate have no place in our classrooms."

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