April 12, 2010

BNP short of candidates to take Barking and Dagenham

The British National Party's hopes of seizing Barking and Dagenham council suffered a blow today after it emerged it is fielding only 34 candidates

The far-right party holds 12 seats and would need 14 more to take the council, but eight of the wards it is contesting are Labour strongholds. Until a few days ago it was confident it would have candidates standing in all 51 wards. There are questions over several BNP hopefuls after it was reported they registered at “front addresses” to get round rules that candidates must live in the area.

Dagenham Labour MP Jon Cruddas said: “It's clear on the doorstep that local residents are turning away from the extreme politics of the BNP. The fact that they have really struggled to get local candidates to stand in the council elections, suggests the chances of them creating the political earthquake they said they would in the borough, are diminishing by the day.”

London Evening Standard


Anonymous said...

I thought this was their strongest area and they can't find enough candidates? Strange. Just goes to show that the BNP may have a voter base there but people are still shy about sticking their necks out and getting really involved.

Anonymous said...

Has the full list of Fascist candidate's names in Barking been published yet? If so we can identify the ones who don't live in the borough and expose them.

Anonymous said...

This Italian Fascist Giuseppe De Santis, is contesting a ward in Barking using 34, Sylvan Avenue, Chadwell Heath as a false address, he has been a member of the Neo-Nazi party in his home country. He really lives in the London Borough of Tower Hamlets. Marshall is also using the same address.

Anonymous said...

"he has been a member of the Neo-Nazi party in his home country"

What party? Forza Nuova?

Anonymous said...

Nazi BNP candidate Debra Kent to attend Fleetwood and Lancaster election debate on april 19th in fleetwood, this must be stopped!!1

ex-fascist said...

Herein lies the difference between loose, ignorant sympathy and hardline support for the BNP. If anti-fascists could separate the activist rump from their voter base their influence would be negligible.

Anonymous said...

At least 5 Fascist contesting wards in Barking who don't really live there, Bailey, Roberts, Butler, Cardy, Marshall and De Santis, what are the authorities going to do about this fraud? These creeps lied on their nomination papers and should be taken off the ballot paper reducing the number to 39 candidates.

Anonymous said...

This drug dealing Nazi must be exposed tomorrow!

Put your questions to Clive Jefferson of the BNP
Tuesday, 13 April 2010 Times & Star

This is your chance to quiz the BNP's Clive Jefferson, who is standing in Copeland for the British National Party.

Mr Jefferson will be joining us here for a live webchat on Wednesday, April 14, from 1pm.

It is the first in a series of webchats we will host in the run-up to the election, giving you the chance to put your questions to every candidate standing across north and West Cumbria.

Each session will be fully moderated, which means all questions and answers will be 'assessed' before they 'go live' to ensure they meet legal requirements.

We retain the right to stop any webchat at any time. All times are subject to change.

Join us at 1pm on Wednesday April 14 and ask the candidate!


jefferson sucks cocks said...

Time to stitch up the liar me thinks...

Anonymous said...

dear username "jefferson sucks cocks".

We oppose the BNP because they are a fascist, racist and homophobic party.

So what if Jefferson "sucks cocks"? There's nowt wrong with sucking cock, if thats what two consenting adults want to do. Jefferson is scum because he is promoting a fascist party capable of one day bringing about ethnic cleansing and genocide.

Kindly modify your language and apologise to your gay antifascist comrades who fight the enemy alongside you.
There is no more room for homophobia in the antifascist movement than there is for racism. Understand?

Now lets bring down this ridiculous Jefferson character.

Anonymous said...

"There is no more room for homophobia in the antifascist movement than there is for racism. Understand?"

Agreed and well said, Some of the 'campaigns' against barnbrook have veered on homophobic.

Not our proudest moments

Anonymous said...

@ Barrykade

You erroneously assume them to be human cocks. And did the horse ever consent?

Kev Scott love the jam said...

To you all, thats just Jefferson being a thick twat, he read it as 'suck my coke'.....