April 10, 2010

BNP activist admits explosives charge

BNP activist and lunatic David Lucas
A leading Suffolk-based BNP activist has pleaded guilty to possession of an explosive substance without an explosives licence

David Lucas, a farmer from Lakenheath, Suffolk, originally denied all firearms and explosives charges at Ipswich Crown Court in January and continues to plead not guilty to having an explosive substance under suspicious circumstances and possessing a prohibited weapon.

Lucas, who stood for the British National Party in the elections for the European Parliament last year, has previously claimed to have made and provided gallows to African countries with poor human rights records. The execution equipment he sold ranged from single gallows, at about £12,000 each, to 'Multi-hanging Execution Systems' mounted on lorry trailers, costing about £100,000.

Following his arrest, the idiotic Simon Darby, the deputy leader of the BNP, said;
'I think the police have got it in for him. I would imagine that it is to do with his capacity as an agricultural rural chap. It is just one of the many things that ordinary rural people have to deal with when you have got a politically motivated police force.'


Anonymous said...

Absolutely, he was arrested for being a rural chap.

Not for being a nazi psycopath with a penchant for storing explosives.


Anonymous said...

“Multi-hanging Execution Systems”

For fucks sake.

Anonymous said...

"Multi-hanging Execution Systems”
Aah thats explains why Cyclop wanted to bring the death penalty back.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

He should have given a reply in keeping with the BNPs new image,

"Thats not a Multi-hanging Execution System.... it's a children swing"

LoveMusicHateRacism, Cradley Heath said...

Off-topic I know, but could we have some sort of thread whereas we can expose the day to day lives of our local nazi candidates?

For example, I live in the Black Country and the BNP's candidate in one of the Walsall seats is one Chris Woodall, a mobile DJ whose website portrays him as an 'extroverted fun-loving bloke with a lifelong passion for music'.

So, wonder what one of his gigs is like??

No Little Richard, Fats Domino or Big Boppa
No Tamla Motown, Hendrix, Four Tops or Temptations
No Bob Marley, Stylistics or Mighty Upsetter
No Philly soul music, You To Me...by Real Thing, Erasure, Elton John, or Helen Shapiro.

Must be one of the most boring disco shows on the planet!!!

Anonymous said...

Yet another reason why the BNP will never represent the values of working-class Britain.

Anonymous said...

Wouldn't it be funny if they sentenced him to hanging?

Anonymous said...

This weeks Digger has a report about a BNP meeting in Glasgow's Angel Bar (a sectarian shitehole frequented by scum) attended by Jim Dowson and Nick Griffin. The meeting took place at 5pm on 27/03/2010.

According to the Digger


Dowson described himself as a "true blue, rip roaring orangeman" -despite the fact he got the boot from the Orange Order for being a supporter of terrorist Michael Stone.

Dowson also claimed that the Gorbals district of Glasgow is 90% Muslim. (Only 11% of the Gorbals population is from an ethnic minority).

He also claims Scotland is now Scotlanstan and that Muslims are here with the intention of taking over the country.

Apparently we (Britain) are a "superior nation" and according to Dowson "all cultures are not equal -ours is the best".

He also admites to being uncomfortable about Catholics joining the BNP but claims there is no choice if the Muslims are to be defeated. Dowson reckons we are at war.

It's a belting article -by far my favourite Dowson qoute was him asking the assembled crowd "How many of us would be here tonight if our wives or girlfriends hadn't ironed our shirts?" Simple tasks like ironing would appear to be beyond the BNP menfolk!

Another interesting snippet which shows just how little support they really have is that Griffin was reduced to begging in order to stand candidates and is quoted as saying "You don't have to do anything, you don't even have to agree with all our policies, but we want you to be a face for us"

The nutzis claim to have raised £7000 at the do attended by around 100 folk -bullshit!

If you know anyone in Glasgow get the to pick you up a copy of The Digger it's full of hilarious details about the nutzi meeting -onion bhajis in the buffet, entertainment from an Elvis impersonator, Jackie Griffin being described as a glamourous blonde!

Anonymous said...

"But at least three BNP council candidates in the borough appear to have registered at "front addresses" to get around the requirement that local authority candidates must live in the area.
According to the electoral register, Eddy Butler, until recently the BNP national election organiser, lives in Loughton, Essex, 10 miles from Barking. Neighbours there said they had seen him within the last few days.

However, he has submitted nomination papers giving an address in Ellerton Gardens, Dagenham. Mr Butler also recently registered himself on the roll at this address but neighbours shown pictures of him did not recognise him."


Anonymous said...

Thicky Dickey doesn't have enough candidates to take over the council.

"The BNP has struggled to find enough genuinely local candidates in Barking. The Sunday Telegraph has learned that, including Mr Butler, Mr Roberts and Mr Cardy, it had found only 34 candidates for 51 council seats."

Anonymous said...

" 'Multi-hanging Execution Systems' mounted on lorry trailers, costing about £100,000"

What a friggin' Weirdo! Exactly the type drawn to the BNP.