April 20, 2010

BNP back down over demo fear

A BNP candidate pulled out of a public meeting in Fleetwood last night after threats of a demonstration by anti-fascists.

Election runner Debra Kent should have taken part in an election forum with other candidates at the Marine Hall in a debate organised by Fleetwood Churches Together but said she feared violence. The decision was welcomed by Unite Against Fascism (UAF) but regret was
expressed by the event organisers.

Miss Kent's partner, James Clayton, said: "This is the same group (UAF) that last year attacked one of our members with a claw hammer in Leigh and also attacked a BNP campaign launch in Croydon last week.

"Given that Debra is a lady and also my girlfriend I am not prepared to risk her being assaulted. As our security team are also busy during this period and cannot provide cover for her at short notice, I have decided to pull her out of this debate for her own safety."

Paul Jenkins, north-west organiser for UAF, denied they had carried out violent acts. He said: "This is good news. We are saying there should not be a platform for fascists. These people should not be allowed to come in and destroy democracy."

Fr Paul Benfield of Churches Together said: "Whatever one's views about any of the parties, it's our job to give an open platform. I don't approve of the BNP's policies but I think it's better people are allowed to express what they are standing for rather than being censored by their not being invited or threats from another group."

Blackpool Gazette


Anonymous said...

I can translate that for you:

'I'm a bit thick, and I can't (a) debate and (b) sound like even a slightly coherent person. So what I'm going to do is smear the opposition with the usual lies in the vague hope of a few votes'.

The fact they print this shit in the paper is astounding.

NewsHound said...



Odin Sucks said...

Bev's avatar on VNN is now the single word "Odinist!"

How many voters know that the BNP are anti-Christian supposedly British patriots???????

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Just read this evil incitement to murder Muslims on the BNP-approved VNN: -

3 Days Ago #4
Darius Appleby
Junior Member

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Posts: 195 Time for some halal slaughter of muslims.


"Time for some halal slaughter of muslims.

Slit their throats, rip out their voice boxes, and watch them thrash on the ground in their own blood.

These semitic scum deserve their own animal treatment".

Surely the British police should seek to close down VNN, don't you think?

Anonymous said...

Cllr Bob Bailey's German wife's facebook page, check out her heavily tattooed friends including her brother, and link to the German Embassy.


Jain said...

Wise move, James. You were right to keep your "lady" away from the nasty thugs of Fleetwood UAF. All those OAPs and families with children handing out leaflets would have been terrifying for such a gentle creature such as your "lady" girlfriend :-)
And how chivalrous of you to step in and protect her. You are so brave and gallant making decisions for this weak and pathetic creature. Maybe you should talk her out of standing for the elections too? She just seems too fragile for this sort of thing.

Not to mention the fact that she knows nothing about the constituency of Lancaster and Fleetwood, what with her living in the Wirral....

Jain said...


OMG! Have you seen this?! I am wetting myself!

Anonymous said...

BNP'ers painting themselves as victims, I love it.

anarchist said...

The journalist apparently didn't ask what the BNP member's name was, when they were attacked, was it reported to police etc.

Anonymous said...


Why is the SWP bothering with the EDL in the run up to the General Election? The EDL have nothing to say about electoral politics and should be ignored in this period. The BNP are the main focus.