April 06, 2010

Primary school governor is BNP candidate

The head teacher at a Latchford primary school has slammed reports that one of the school’s governors will be running as a BNP parliamentary candidate

Latchford St James C of E Aided parent governor Debra Kent has been listed on the BNP’s website as contesting the Lancaster and Fleetwood seat and described as a ‘dedicated BNP activist’.

Head teacher Jacqui Wightman said: “The views of the British National Party go against all those we hold dear at our school. We have a clear community cohesion policy that underpins our promotion of equality and excellence.

“It states that we will help all to belong and feel equally valued as members of our school and citizens of the United Kingdom. All governors without exception agreed to this.”

Miss Kent has joined groups called 'Stop the ethnic cleansing of Britain, I don’t want to live in an Islamic country' and 'Keep British football British' discouraging foreign players playing in Britain, on a social networking site. She is also pictured with BNP leader Nick Griffin in her profile photograph.

It has not yet been confirmed if she has been kicked off the school’s board of governors. Rev Tom McNaughtan-Owen, who is also on the board of governors, said: “It is a very happy school and we don’t want anything to change that.”

Warrington Guardian

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