April 15, 2010

BNP pulls activists away from election campaign on Merseyside

Peter Tierney, Jamie Luby, some other twat and
Gary Lucas, some of Liverpool BNP's roving band of goons

Nick Griffin thinks the BNP have no chance of winning any seats on Merseyside on May 6th. He’s ordered local party workers down to London on two weekends before the election to help canvass in the Barking & Dagenham seat he’s contesting.

Liverpool BNP, like the good little fascists they are, have to obey orders, and are off to London while neglecting their own pathetic campaign here – so much for standing under the slogan of ‘local people first’!

Local people get kicked into touch when fuhrer Nick snaps his fingers.

Griffin’s contempt for Merseyside voters is well known. Having been elected as a North West MEP last June, he’s been virtually invisible in the region, preparing to abandon his constituents here for a cushy London parliamentary seat – and now he’s getting his local band of misfits and thugs to trail down to London to help him.

However, Liverpool Anti-Fascists aren’t going to take time off from our campaign against the BNP. We want to counter their racist lies, minimise their vote as much as we can and ensure they have no success locally.

Liverpool Antifascists


Anonymous said...

The guy on the right looks like the village idiot!

Anonymous said...

Stoke is about 5 times nearer than
Barking and Dagenham. How interesting that they have not been instructed to go there!

Also, our supporters need to ensure that we go to where we are most need as the campaign develops. It would not be a good idea to pursue every BNP candidate as this would not be a good use of resources.

Anonymous said...

Thnk god he is not a man of the "left"