April 25, 2010

KT Tunstall disowns mother's BNP husband

Rock star KT Tunstall has broken all ties with her mother's husband after he decided to stand as candidate for the BNP at the General Election.

David Orr is married to Tunstall's biological mother, Carol-Ann, who gave up the St Andrews-born singer for adoption when she was born. He says his decision to stand for the far right party as Westminster candidate in his home town of Livingston has prompted Tunstall to sever all contact with him. "This has caused huge problems in my family, it's really put the cat amongst the pigeons," he said.

"I've had KT's people on the phone basically saying that she won't have anything further to do with me and doesn't want to see me ever again."

The 61-year-old former taxi driver added: "I've never used the family connection for political gain, it was a big no-no from the start. She's still in touch with my wife Carol-Ann, mainly through texts. It has caused huge problems but I've had these political views all of my life and Carol-Ann knows that. It doesn't bother me that KT won't speak to me. I've nothing to be ashamed of. I am bothered for Carol-Ann though. She just wants to keep out of it all and stay in touch with her daughter."

A spokesperson for Tunstall confirmed the estrangement, saying: "KT abhors the BNP and all they stand for. She now has no contact with David Orr."

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Anonymous said...

This is especially galling for KT Tunstall as she is mixed race as her mother is half Chinese. Maybe her mum, the wife of this BNP candidate, should research Griffin's less-than-PC views on interracial marriage.

Anonymous said...

A photo of Carol Ann can be found here:


Maybe somebody should explain to her that in a BNP Britain she would be deported to Hong Kong, her birthplace.

Anonymous said...

who the fuck is K T Tunstall