April 21, 2010

Shit Through My Letterbox

It's not everyday Nick Griffin writes to me begging for cash, but that's exactly what he's done. This morning thousands of BNP leaflets polluted Stokie letter boxes with their usual mix of lies and hate.

As most readers will be aware, the posties' union, the CWU has agreed a conscience clause with Royal Mail management that allows postal workers the right to refuse delivery of offensive material. As a racist, fascist organisation that would like nothing better than to see "Marxist" trade unions ground beneath the jack boot, the BNP have always fallen foul of the conscience clause. To get round this, the BNP have bundled their pathetic pleas for cash in an unbranded envelope featuring a glum, elderly couple and the legend "Ay up duck, thar's sum rate gud stuff fer Stokies in 'ere" (pictured). Don't be surprised if they use a repurposed envelope elsewhere.

There's no need to dwell on the begging letter itself, except to say Nazi Nick must think Stokies are as thick as his minions if he wants us to swallow the whopper that "tens of thousands of pensioners freeze to death in winter, even here in Stoke" (underlining theirs).

NB: The BNP have provided a free post envelope with their material. I'm only sayin'.

A Very Public Sociologist


Anonymous said...

"the BNP have bundled their pathetic pleas for cash in an unbranded envelope featuring a glum, elderly couple and the legend "Ay up duck, thar's sum rate gud stuff fer Stokies in 'ere"

What a joke and it goes to show that the BNP now tailor their propaganda mostly to OAP's (hence all the Churchill, Spitfire stuff).

I wonder what their begging leaflets in Dagenham will say?

How about:

"Cor, luv a duck me ole' China, pour a cuppa Rosie Lee and 'ave a butchers at what's inside 'ere"

Anonymous said...

This has appeared on SF:

It appears that Mark Collett's choice of leaflet printer has been vindicated. Dowson's supplier has let the party down and the council election leaflets are now so late that there won't be time to get them out.

Anonymous said...

What's the Freepost address?

Long Tall Sally said...

The "poor old pensioners" are from a royalty-free photo from this site:


Going to see what the company's policies are regarding equality etc and see how happy they are about associating with the BNP...

Megan said...

The fascists were given the red card in Peterborough as nobody would sign their nomination papers.


Anonymous said...

i hear that jefferson has screwed up the leafets

Anonymous said...

The EDL are planning to hijack St George's Day in Manchester this Friday, getting pissed and causing havoc:


Anonymous said...

the edl are posting yet more calls for muslim people to be murdered-


(read the sick and evil comments after the video from the edl leadership)

NewsHound said...



Anonymous said...

I thought this article was about Patrick Harrington when I read the title.

Anonymous said...

I thought it was about the 'Mad bomber'