April 22, 2010

BNP Leader Nick Griffin's parents: Our son destroyed us

Interviewed by Dominic Carman, LibDem candidate for Barking,
Nick Griffin’s parents explain how their son financially destroyed them
Nick Griffin borrowed very heavily on several properties in the early 1990s, especially on a large country house in France. Edgar Griffin, the BNP leader’s father, guaranteed the borrowing – at Nick Griffin’s request. Edgar Griffin explains that they had to sell their own substantial country house in Suffolk, ‘quite a lot of shares’ and a flat left to Griffin’s mother in order to meet the high interest payments and negative equity.

‘We came out of it very badly’ explains Edgar Griffin. ‘My father had left me a rich man….I was very, very comfortably off. Everything went to pay Nick’s debts.’

Despite the enormous financial sacrifices made by his parents, Nick Griffin was still declared bankrupt – ‘because of a fine imposed upon Nick’ as explained by Edgar.

This video is potentially very damaging. Griffin wants his party to govern the finances of Barking and Dagenham council, but how can you trust a man with a budget of almost £200 million who almost ruined his parents through his own profligacy.

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Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Edgar and Jean Griffin from Welshpool are still paid-up members of the BNP, let us not forget.

Anonymous said...

he's a bit of a bleeder is that nick griffin ? first he bled his parents dry and now he's bleeding his members dry !

Barbara said...

Dynamite stuff

Anonymous said...

This is really serious. Should we send an appeal out to the membership?

Former AC member 2008-2010 said...

This is shocking but not that surprising as I can tell you that Griffin doesnt understand money - for him its just bits of paper (cheques payable to the Trafalgar Club is one of his favourites) that he gets given from other people. Apart from a short (very short a few months)stint stacking shelves in Welshpool's Morrisons he has never been a wage earner like the rest of us (well apart from the unemployed former media studies and sociology students in the UAF ;). Anyway little joke aside, Griffin just doesnt understand basic practices like budgeting, forecasting and book-keeping. He just comes up with ideas and plans and then expects the money to come from those he knows to fund those plans. To that end he has been pretty good fleecing the gullible wealthy and not so wealthy who come and go in the BNP. It is sad to see so many people who I knew living on the breadline dip into their pockets at meetings and give a tenner into the bucket - thats a good number of lunches they have just sacrificed. He does have the gift of the gab but this is no way to run any organisation. The Party always teeters on the brink of being insolvent - hardly has any cash in its accounts and a colleague recently desscribed the finances as being run on the basis of a Ponzi (pyramid) scheme. Run a council? I wouldnt trust Griffin to run a car boot stall. I feel sorry for his parents that they have such faith in him to constantly back his various (failed) enterprises.

Anonymous said...

Griffin's a typical Middle Class Mummy's boy, forever poncing off his parents.

Working Class voters who have had to make it by themselves please take note!

Anonymous said...

What did he do with the money?


Anonymous said...

Has Griffin ever had a job or has he just sponged off his parents since university?

That would be ironic (yeah, I know...so many...so little time) if he was just as a 'no job other than politics' as the LibLabCon MPs.

Anonymous said...

Good point about being a middle class mummy's boy. Which is why no far Right party has ever, or will ever speak for working class citizens. The real voices of working class Britain are folk like Salma Yaqoob.

Former AC member 2008-2010 said...

Respect to you guys for allowing my earnest and sincerely written post through. I doubt the likes of Arthur Kemp who is the widely despised Party's "spin doctor" (i.e. chief censor) would allow any cheeky joke against the BNP through.

The doodoo will really hit the fan when the EC delves into the BNP accounts...but there is also this to say. The EC have had several opportunities in the past and they have never pursued what should have been open goals. I am not alone in now asking "why"?

As a former AC member I was never privy to the real set of accounts and if questioned by the EC I can honestly state that but there are some former colleagues who cannot claim ignorance or claim they were obeying orders. They have been working in full knowledge of the non-party bank accounts through which Griffin banked cheques from very nice and gullible donors and just what he has been paying out to his friends and family.

Lots of fun, lots of embarrassment and if Griffin goes to jail it will be smiles and toasts all round for the hundreds he has used, abused and misused and taken so many for fools.

I'm no lefty and I still have a sense of what is needed to keep this country safe, secure and prosperous and I concede that may not gel with the many opponents of the BNP but I am just glad to be out of his inner circle which is (I have now found) to be ill-fated and deeply unpleasant.

I can safely predict the BNP will get maybe a handful of councillors elected and re-elected next month but will never ever get control of any council and there is more chance of finding intelligent life in a packet of crisps than a BNP candidate being elected to the House of Commons.

Stupidity and blatant disregard for operating as a functioning entity just because they view themselves as "rebels"(!) is no excuse for daft decision making.

Anonymous said...

To this piece of shit calling itself "Former AC member 2008-2010"

You've narrowed yourself down to 2/3 individuals, which we the BNP security team know to be liars and scum working for the other side. We know everything about you - Nick Griffin gave you everything you had, take your pick with the Reds you bastards we know where you live. Yes we monitor this site and every other anti British site run by Reds and traitors and we are disgusted to see people who Nick Griffin once trusted betray his trust, you call yourselves patriots, rubbish you are liars and filth.

Anonymous said...

BNP security couldn't find their arses with both hands. Fuck off back to watching repeats of Spooks and pretending your some sort of covert organisation instead of being Griffin's babysitters and stewards.

Anonymous said...

"we know where you live"

Ha Ha - This twat thinks he's in the British Movement circa 1981. News for you, pal, The nice, soft, cuddly BNP don't do things like that any more. All their threats are hot air.

Anonymous said...

BNP security all look a bit old to me. Their shaven heads aren't so much to appear hard but to cover up their receding hairlines. And, I reckon, as they're all clinically obese they wouldn't last 20 seconds in a stand-up fight without getting outta breath and reaching for their inhalers!

Anonymous said...

Spooks? Or a very poor man's James Bond.

Didn't do a very good job of keeping the membership lists off the internet, eh?

The BNP leak more than a rusty colander!