April 28, 2010

Croydon BNP election candidate guilty of attacking four anti-fascist protesters

A British National Party election candidate for Croydon Council has been found guilty of attacking four anti-fascist protesters

David Clarke [pictured, left, grinning on his way into court] of Dunley Drive, New Addington, was found guilty of four counts of assaulting protesters outside of East Croydon station on May 27 and May 29 last year. Mr Clarke is currently running for election as a councillor for Heathfield Ward.

Croydon Magistrates Court heard the first incident occurred at 6.50pm on May 27 as anti-fascist protesters were handing out leaflets in an attempt to try and dissuade people from supporting the BNP at the station. Two days later on May 29 he is accused of assaulting another two protesters, James Cox and his partner, Lorna Nelson-Homian.

Clarke will be sentenced on May 18.

Lorna Nelson-Homian, one of Clarke's four victims, said: "I think the verdict today shows that the BNP's veil of credibility has once again fallen down. BNP policies are racist, and this case shows they always resort back to their violent roots."

Croydon Guardian


Anonymous said...

There is the old saying that 'you can judge someone by the company that they keep' and looking at this loser surrounded by his 'chumps' from the BNP around him grinning on the way to court, the photo speaks volumes.
Good to see that he has been found guilty. Lets hope they punish him.
So much for the party that stands for law and order. A joke beyond compare to say the least.
Even by the standards of the BNP (and those standards are normally to be found in the depths of the sewers), the Croydon BNP seem to plummet new depths. I do recall the National Front had an active branch in this area during the 1980's and into the early 1990's when it was in a terminal decline. Nothing has changed -only the labels. I am sure there is a connection and isn't Richard Edmonds (sidekick to the late John Tyndall), a resident of this area?

Anonymous said...

Lets hope this gets national coverage.

Anonymous said...

This conviction will raise his standing inside the BNP's Croydon branch. Anybody who's anybody there has a conviction for violence - Richard Edmonds, Charlotte Lewis etc. They have always considered themselves the ones keeping the National Socialist flame alive within the BNP.

Anonymous said...

"I do recall the National Front had an active branch in this area during the 1980's"

Yeah, the National Front HQ was in Pawson's Road in the 1980's. When Griffin started moving to take over the BNP he got close to Croydon and the infamous (and openly Nazi) 'Rune' magazine was the 'House' publication of Croydon Branch. Griffin needed to show his 'radical' credentials at the time although he quickly ditched them once in the Chairman's seat.

intelligentsia1 said...

New Addington provides a number of men for the Parachute Regiment. Most of these Paras despise the BNP element up there. As the ex-Paras appreciate the courage of the ethnic minority troops, they served with, in the Paras.

BNP, New Addington Paras say, not in our name!