April 30, 2010

Multi-tasking the BNP way

The Sunday Telegraph at the weekend mentioned in passing - Chris Robert's one of the BNP's candidates in next month's local council elections in the borough. Chris isn't from the borough. In fact he lives in Benfleet, near Southend, around 20 miles from Barking. However, in his nomination form, Mr Roberts gives an address in Arden Crescent, Dagenham — which just happens to be the home of the BNP’s London Assembly member Richard Barnbrook.

Now Chris is going to have an interesting few weeks between now and polling day because in addition to standing for Barking and Dagenham council and seeking the support of the good people of Valance ward, he's also, as it happens, the BNP's prospective parliamentary candidate for South Basildon and East Thurrock.

Basildon, Barking and Dagenham - same thing really.....Would be interesting to know how Mr Robert's plans to campaign. Is it one day in the borough, the next in Basildon and Thurrock? Or does he shuttle back and forward kissing babies and canvassing in both?

This is the same Chris Roberts incidentally who on 09 October 2009 said: "Any tom, dick or harry can pitch up to help deliver leaflets."

One's things for sure as far as Barking and Dagenham is considered, he's standing at a time when the BNP group on the council is at a low ebb. So impressive has been the leadership of messrs Bailey and Barnbrook - that half their current colleagues have decided to quit - so the Doncaster's (x3) Steed, Tuffs and Jarvis aren't standing for re-election next month. Now if one wanted to be unkind, one could say that this is no great loss given their total failure to (turn-up) or to do any casework on behalf of local residents. But it's quite a turnover of personnel.

Here's hoping that councillors Bailey and Barnbrook encourage the BNP's new council candidates to actually take their responsibilties seriously if they are successful at the ballot box on May 6th.

I wouldn't put money on it however.

News from Barking and Dagenham


Anonymous said...

I believe the missing councillors were turfed out for being useless. Wonder how many however of the new lot will be of the same ilk?

Anonymous said...

what I can tell you is that they all have long arms and their knuckles drag on the floor and that of course is just the females.


Anonymous said...

It looks like Dickie Bumshag is running a male brothel from his premises!

Anonymous said...

Well of course we can all have a laugh and a joke at their expense, but expense is what I would really like to concentrate on.

Today the postman delivered 4 glossy well produced booklets from the BNP. 1 just addressed to the only male voter in the house, the other 3 to all 3 voters in the house they are all slightly different as if targetted at age or interest.

These did not come cheap. Just how much are they spending on this campaign?

Its quite scary really. And if you take the time to read the leaflets they have been very very clever in what they are saying, they are getting into the mindset of the voter.

It really is a worry for B & D.