April 09, 2010

BNP candidates in Liverpool down by a third

The BNP today revealed it would be standing only eight candidates in the local elections in Liverpool on May 6th. This is eight too many, but it is one third less than the twelve it put up in 2008 and represents the effects of a determined anti-fascist campaign against them and of the internal divisions within this racist party.

Of these eight, most are ‘paper’ candidates who know themselves they have no chance of winning in May. Three of the eight are from the same family, indeed, the same household, which is further proof of the limited appeal fascism has in Liverpool.

Given the disruption caused by the BNP’s former Director of Publicity, Mark Collett, being investigated on charges of threatening to kill party leader Nick Griffin, the BNP locally will have few resources at its disposal in this election. However, Liverpool Anti-Fascists are determined that the BNP will have NO SUCCESS in dividing people in our city, and will be out campaigning against these racists wherever they decide to show their faces or spread their poisonous message.

The eight candidates are:
Anfield - Karen Gillian Otty
Clubmoor – Peter John Squire
County – Peter James Stafford
Everton – Jacqueline Stafford
Fazakerley – Peter Stafford
Kirkdale – Steve Greenhalgh
Norris Green – John Edgar
Old Swan – Steven McEllenborough

Liverpool BNP will shortly announce its candidates for the general election. The same names will likely reappear on the Westminster ballot papers – proof positive that the BNP is a marginalised and extremist group which cannot command significant support from the working people of Liverpool.

We call on everyone to join us in our campaign against the BNP. We are going to be out on the doorsteps putting the case that the BNP only offers division, hatred and defeat. By standing together, we can drive out the racists and keep Liverpool fascist-free.

Liverpool Antifascists


Anonymous said...

It appears that there are not as many BNP local election candidates nationally as was first thought. Demoralisation among the ranks must have set in?

Anonymous said...

Only 6 BNP candidates in Stoke against, I think, 10 last time.

But EFP will be a big threat in Longton North with the ward's former BNP councillor Mark Leat as their candidate.

Mick Rankin said...

The bastards in Thurrock have a full slate again.


Anonymous said...

There are rumours Collett has been given back his membership card.

Anonymous said...

i beg to differ in croydon and sutton they are standing 13 local candidates and 3 westminster candidates where as last time they just stood 2 local ones

Anonymous said...

I see the Lib Dems have failed to put up any candidates at all in Thurrock. This can only help the BNP.

They used to be quite vibrant in Barking but their collapse in recent years has helped create a vacuum for the BNP to fill.

Anonymous said...

I see that Roy West is standing in
Dukinfield, Tameside.


Anonymous said...

Peter Stafford standing in Fazakerley ? What the hell is a gay man doing in the BNP. So so strange, didn't griffin say he found gay men creepy.