March 04, 2010

BNP's Nick Griffin Back On The Beeb

Griffin on Question Time last year
British National Party leader Nick Griffin is set to return to the BBC following his controversial appearance on Question Time last year. The politician will appear as part of the broadcaster's coverage of the general election this spring.

The corporation yesterday announced plans to follow the TV debate between major party leaders Gordon Brown, David Cameron and Nick Clegg with a 'minor parties debate'.

In a statement published on the BBC website, chief political advisor Ric Bailey said: "There will be arrangements in the programming around the BBC debate, a week before polling day, to ensure other parties which have demonstrated they have some electoral support - UKIP, the Green Party and the BNP - will have their say."

Though ITV and Sky will also air live debates, it has not yet been announced whether they will also make room in their schedules for a similar arrangement. Griffin's deputy Simon Darby also revealed the BBC's plan to feature the far right group in an edition of Panorama in the next few months.

But, while some see the move as a triumph, others are angry. A spokesman for anti-facist group Searchlight condemned the plan, saying: "These are supposed to be serious debates allowing people to make an informed choice. Nick Griffin has no place there."

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Anonymous said...

Gawd! BBC steps in to save Griffin once again.

The BBC have figured that Cyclops is Ratings Gold and that's all these London-based media pricks care about (Never mind the quality, look at the numbers!). Let's ignore the damage done to race relations and the spotlight they are giving to a bunch of Nazi cranks.

Anonymous said...

Those threats to Dominic Carman, sounds like Psycho Lecomber is on the prowl again?