March 01, 2010

Conservative stopped for looking like British National Party leader

A Conservative councillor was almost barred from his own party's conference for looking like the leader of the British National Party.

When police were put on alert that Nick Griffin might gatecrash the inner sanctum of the conference in Manchester, they pulled aside Cotswold and county councillor Lynden Stowe to make sure he wasn't Mr Griffin. Greater Manchester Police (GMP) checked out Councillor Stowe's credentials after they received a tip-off Mr Griffin might try and get in to an area for accredited visitors only.

"Someone thought I might have been Nick Griffin," said Councillor Stowe, who is the leader of Cotswold District Council (Campden Vale) and represents the North Cotswold division on Gloucestershire County Council. He is most definitely a true blue Conservative but it seemed not all at the conference were familiar with the Mickleton resident.

"Police had a look at me and my badge, and that was it," he told The Citizen. "I think it got spun out a bit, the story. You get photo ID and they had a look at it. Some police lady came up and said "Can you come around the back?" and she checked my ID. They said it was fine - they did not even mention it (a suspicion he was Nick Griffin). There was nothing I could do about it."

He said he has been mistaken for the far right party's leader before.

"I try to cut my hair a bit shorter these days," he said. "Nobody ever said at the time but I do get the odd comparison. It's only facially - he is quite a bit porkier than I am."

A GMP spokesman said: "During the conference we had some sort of information passed through to us that someone had spotted the said person. It turned out not to be him. Clearly that would have been an issue. He (Nick Griffin) was not on the accredited list. When it was confirmed it was not him, he went about his business. It was something we looked at because someone believed he may be in the building."

John Walker, BNP press officer, said Mr Griffin had no plans to visit the conference, held in October last year.

"It just goes to show how recognisable Nick Griffin is nowadays," said Mr Walker. "He is a recognisable face - quite a famous person who people recognise. Perhaps there is a line in Nick Griffin doubles."

This is Gloucestershire


T. Hee said...

"It's only facially - he is quite a bit porkier than I am."


Anonymous said...

Wouldn't you be suicidal if someone told you that you looked like Nick Griffin? I know I would.

Workingman said...

Suddenly i feel sorry for a tory, this is not an emotion i am equipped to deal with lol

Anonymous said...

I must admit he does look like Griffin did before he discovered pies.

Anonymous said...

Looks like Giffin's old man Edgar has been putting it about in his younger days? Remember he was in the Tory party for 40 years.

Anonymous said...

I've heard that Dickey B has a poster of this Tory on his bedrrom wall. He's gone off porky Nick.

DT said...

Suddenly i feel sorry for a tory, this is not an emotion i am equipped to deal with lol

LOL Me neither.

Poo said...

The fascist EDL have updated their website with a new look. Black and white unite, it says, and it tries to portray the image that they are not racist - all religions ate welcome in the EDL they proclaim -

All apart from Islam.

At the bottom of the website is a petition to ban all Halal food from the UK.

With no mention of kosher food which is arguably smiliar in slaughter techniques.

It won't take long for trouble to happen in Bolton, and their flashy new website will acoount for didley squat, lol

Most of the population now are fulluy aware that the EDL are nazis and include misfits and racial supremacists like Wigan Mike.

dickson said...

Cllr Mark Bennett of Streatham who cancelled the EDL fundraiser has been inundated with death threats since he acted against the EDL.

Just goes to show they are as much hardcore neo-Nazis as the BNP, and indeed work with them so the BNP can get elected from the racial tension they create, just as Uk Fightback says.

Look like nazis, sound like nazis, act like nazis

= Nazis!!!!!!

NewsHound said...


NewsHound said...


Sputnik said...

According to Nick Griffin this Tory was an evil vicious plan by the elite, to clone him and trick the millions and millions BNP supporters and divert support towards The Tories, but Bumbrook put on his leather thong and went on another super-hero mission and broke into The Tory factory and destroyed the cloning machine.

Anonymous said...

Dave Hann3m here. I cant tell them apart. who should I report to in the morning? What happened to Nick Griff1n? Er was he abducted by strange grey men or was that just John Walker rustling past?

I am really scared ... lost both my brain cells in that BNP reshuffle..

denny said...

Now the pressure is being heaped upon David Cameron, he is being forced to "talk tough" about immigration.

Even though the numbers of Eastern Europeans coming to Britain has fallen, he said his party would
cut immigration.

Sadly, a Conxervative governmnt would pander to the BNP and their hate-stoking rightwing taboid newspapers and would "do an Enoch Powell" and unfairly target non-white immigration.

As Cameron weakens, so the strength of the Tory party's "hard right" bulk will grow more muscles, which should concern all anti-racists and social progressives.

Anonymous said...

"Standing shoulder to shoulder are notorious gangs such as Cardiff City's Soul Crew, Bolton Wanderers' Cuckoo Boys and Luton Town's Men In Gear:"

Notorious? LOL