April 02, 2010

BNP disasters continue - Jefferson promoted

Clive Jefferson - mad and unpopular
There's likely to be even more chaos in the BNP in the future as it appears that the former National Elections Office Eddie Butler has been replaced by much-loathed thug Clive Jefferson, according to the most recent Organiser's Bulletin.
'BNP Organisers’ Bulletin - March 2010


An urgent briefing meeting for Regional Organisers and key officials will take place on this coming Monday 5th of April.

The meeting will cover recent events, urgent organisational matters, including a crucial update from our new National Elections Officer Clive Jefferson, and future plans.

It is expected that every Region will send a minimum of one full car and a maximum of two full cars. It is really important that key personnel from every Region are attend [sic].

Please liaise with your Regional Organiser to ensure a good geographical spread of key officials attending whilst ensuring election activities proceed unhindered...'
Keep us informed, folks, and when commenting, beware of libel.


Anonymous said...

HAHA thats another balls up by the party !

Dave said...

Paedo Boy's parents have resigned too. Isn't his mother a parish councillor? If so, that's one less for them.

Very Rev Jim Dowson said...

Clive Jefferson - drugs - I say no more.

iliacus said...

"Every region will send a minimum of one car full"

Of cash, presumably?

In The Know said...

It's all going to kick off after the elections.

Civil war North v South

Anonymous said...

Oh this is hilarious, Butler will be so angry at this appointment - to think he has been replaced by this complete moron Jefferson! He made a complete balls of that Sedgefield campaign. I was involved in it! He is an outspoken drug dealing idiot who cannot talk to people civilly. He orders people about whilst lounging around like the cripple he is. I would love to be a fly on the wall at this Urgent meeting on Monday - but to demand that key personnel attend on an Easter Bank Holiday weekend with only 2 days notice is just classic BNP! What a sorry state they are in. I hope that organisers quickly see what a sad sinking ship the BNP is. I left the BNP when the Dec Rebels were kicked out, everything they said has come true and Griffin is a total crook!

Barbara said...

This is fantastic. What next???

ex-bnp organiser said...

This is fu**ing monumental! The most unpopular and useless goon in the entire party promoted to Butler’s old position!
Jefferson couldn’t run a bath, I mean he is truly crap. Now he is National Elections Officer?

I knew Gri££in was losing the plot a while back but this is like putting Frank Spencer in charge of heath & safety.
Wonderful stuff.

Anonymous said...

Let's be thankful that the BNP are so incompetent.

It's long been my contention that given the appalling growth in racism and bigotry in Britain, fanned by openly racist 'newspapers' like the Express and Mail, combined with the near collapse of the traditional Left, the BNP should be doing a hell of a lot better than they actually are!

Anonymous said...

Its amazing how stupid Gri££in is.
How can you appoint a man who as only been a member of the party for Two Years and as less brains than a Donkey. I do not think for one moment BNP members will put up with this Shite Head.

Anonymous said...

My guess is that the underlying narrative behind the appointment of Jefferson is that Griffin is signaling in no uncertain terms that 'dissent will not be tolerated' - why else would he appoint an out & out thug to a high level post like election organiser?

Griffin runs the BNP like a 7th rate Mafia family & Jefferson is now chief enforcer.


Anonymous said...

He is one moronic, ugly looking b........d.

sorry is that libel?


Antifascist said...

'He is one moronic, ugly looking b........d.

sorry is that libel?'

No, just fact, tulip. :-)

Workingman said...

Instead of fivers in elderly voters cards, will it be wraps of marching powder to the young voters now Jefferson is in his new position? Oh Don Griffo, what have you done!

Anonymous said...

In 1998 Jefferson – then living at Fowlyeat, Moor Row, Whitehaven – was arrested in Jesmond, Newcastle, with 106,000 tablets of ephedrine hydrochloride a stimulant used by body builders to strip fat from their bodies. Jefferson pleaded not guilty, stating that the tablets were for him but the prosecution alleged that he intended to supply them to weight trainers. He was cleared on the Judge’s direction at Newcastle Crown Court.

Newcastle Evening Chronicle, 4 November 1998 and Newcastle Evening Chronicle, 6 November 1998.

La Di Da Gunner Graham said...

Now that thicko Jeffo has been appointed National Elections whatever, who will drive the Nazzer Bus? I'm sure he's not a multi-tasker.

"[t]his is like putting Frank Spencer in charge of heath & safety". - Hilarious!

Anonymous said...

Presumably the judge at Newcastle Crown Court oredered the 106,000 tablets be returned to Jefferson and he's been nibbling at them ever since. This can be the only explanation for his facial expressions on that very funny photo montage.

As a PPC how will Jefferson explain his jumbo collection of tablets to potential voters?

Or might he admit to being a grass?

Kev Scott loves the Jam said...

Anonymous said:"but to demand that key personnel attend on an Easter Bank Holiday weekend with only 2 days notice is just classic BNP!"

It certainly is... I bet there had been a few phone calls to see who was available, then, when key players are not available a meeting is held and some very important votes are taken...... classic and typical bnp.

I also assume Paedo boy has been bought off?

I also assume that due to the lack of any form of nutzie post allowed on here that every one of the 1/2 brainers who actually think have decided this is a total nightmare and are sticking their fingers in their ears and going |la la la, this is not happening"