May 13, 2009

BBC criticised over decision to delay BNP documentary

The BBC has been accused of “going soft” on the BNP by delaying the broadcast of a documentary until after next month’s European Parliament election.

Last week, the Western Mail revealed how one of the key figures involved in organising the distribution of 29 million BNP election leaflets across Britain from a warehouse in Welshpool was Arthur Kemp, a racial ideologue from South Africa. The forthcoming BBC Wales programme is understood to focus on Mr Kemp.

His book, March of the Titans: A History of the White Race, praises the Nazi regime for taking action to ensure Germany’s economic recovery, and on the Holocaust states “certainly far fewer died that what is most often claimed”.

Anti-fascist group Searchlight, which has been co-operating with BBC Wales during the making of the documentary, said it was unhappy that it would not go out until after the election on June 4.

But a BBC spokesman said: “The BBC is not postponing or rescheduling the broadcast of this programme until after the European election. It is still in production and has not yet been scheduled for transmission on BBC One Wales. It will be broadcast as planned as part of BBC Wales current affairs series Week In Week Out next month.”

However, the Western Mail understands that at one point there had been a possibility of broadcasting the programme before the June 4 election and that one of the considerations involved in making a decision is not related to the legal requirement for broadcasters to be neutral during periods running up to an election.

Plaid Cymru MP Adam Price said: “I can’t understand why for one minute the BBC would want to be protecting a far-right party like the BNP during one of the most dangerous periods for the future of democracy we’ve seen in living memory. People are angry, and rightly so, with the establishment parties and the BNP is clearly seeking to exploit that.

“It’s vitally important that those of us who know the party that lies behind the mask of the BNP are allowed to demonstrate that so that the decent but disillusioned majority do not end up voting for a party whose values they would never share.”

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Anonymous said...

I do think that it is a pity that this show is unlikely to be broadcast prior to the elections however I get the impression that the BBC is doing a good job as regards research and getting to the bottom of the story about Mr. Kemp.

All the various versions of events and stories about him need to be clarified once and for all. The public needs to know the truth about this shady individual who seems to have got into the UK under somewhat suspicious circumstances and who is playing a major part in the direction in which this very dangerous group is influencing many people who know no better.

I think that it is important for everyone that he is exposed for who and what he really is. We already know without any doubt that he is a person of little moral stature, not much dignity or self respect and who is definitely a liar. What we know need to know is the rest……..

Anonymous said...

Here's the wife of Arthur Kemp, if anyone has facebook she has an open account, not really hard to find really.
Amongst his American wife's friends are neo nazi Paul Fromm and white supremacist Louis Andrews, plus all the top rank and file of the BNP.

Arthur claims he is not involved with the National Alliance but looks like his wife is involved with North American and European far right individuals.

Arthur Kemp also claims to be a volunteer with the BNP but this January 2009 press release proves otherwise.

"Arthur will continue to work on the website, write the Party’s Education and Training manuals and will be overseeing Radio RWB."

Anonymous said...

From what I hear, Jeannine has also hired an attorney and is organising a class action lawsuit against the SPLC.

Antifascist said...

'From what I hear, Jeannine has also hired an attorney and is organising a class action lawsuit against the SPLC.'

You clearly have no idea what a class action lawsuit is - it certainly doesn't apply in this instance.

Anonymous said...

"class action law suit"!!! LOL! what a bunch of dolts these fascists are.

Anonymous said...

"This was duly done, preceded by a visit to the Voortrekker Monument outside Pretoria, where I told Mr Duke the story of the Great Trek. After he met with Terre’Blanche, Mr Duke then went on with his tour with Monica, and I got the thank you card in the mail a few days later."
From Arthur Kemp's blog.

Seriously, how many people meet David Duke who was on his way to meet Terre Blanche and not expect themselves to be called a Neo Nazi!

Anonymous said...

Greetings from Portugal. Portuguese people think Arthur Kemp is a racist, imperialistic asshole who claims Portuguese people became "inferior" because of "race-mixing". He should be immediately deported to his native country of Zimbabwe and subject to some anti-colonialist justice.