May 31, 2009

British Nasty Party

A brave whistleblower warns today how race-hatred is still the lifeblood of the evil BNP - and begs People readers: "Vote for anybody but them this week."

Former BNP candidate Christopher Brennan (left) made his plea as the far-right party try to win support for Thursday's vital Euro and local elections.

Leader Nick Griffin and his henchmen are selling themselves as mainstream moderates. But Chris, 21, declared: "Don't be fooled - they are racist to the core."

Chris was just 18 when he stood as a British National Party candidate in multi-cultural Luton, Beds. He said officials routinely branded black people n*****s. And he claimed they told activists to launch violent attacks on their "enemies".

Chris - who quit the party in disgust in 2007 - said: "I've seen the BNP for what they really are. They are hellbent on destroying all that is good in Britain. No matter what is said in public about not being a racist organisation any longer, those beliefs are still at the core of the organisation. The European elections give them a chance to get a foothold in British politics because people are so incensed by the scandal of MPs' expenses. But they are beyond the pale."

The BNP is fielding 450 candidates for the local elections and 66 for the European Parliament poll.


Their campaign is being led by Griffin - convicted in 1998 of distributing material likely to incite racial hatred - and publicity manager Mark Collett. Chris worked alongside both of them during his failed election bid in 2007.

The whistleblower - who joined the BNP as an impressionable 13-year-old - said: "On the outside these men, like many BNP activists, will take the party line of presenting an image of respectability, people the voters can trust. But at secret meetings the talk is of 'breaking the legs of our enemies'."

He went on: "I met Griffin and Collett several times. Griffin congratulated me for standing and told me our country needed 'young blood'. I remember him saying, 'We need to get to the stage when we have 40,000 people to march on to the streets to take our country back from the immigrants'.

"Before my election in 2007, Griffin came to Luton to make speeches where he said the P*kis were to blame for housing shortages in the north. Collett hated black people and made no secret about it - he spoke about n*****s diluting the British race. He and Griffin made it clear how they felt - but made sure they made it clear how we should behave in public for the 'good of the party'."

Chris claimed Collett quoted whole passages from Hitler's book Mein Kampf to a packed meeting in Luton. And he said Collett once told him he idolised the Nazi monster.

Chris revealed: "Collett said he wanted to be just like him - a man of courage and honour is how he put it. He called Mein Kampf his version of the Bible and quoted passages from it, encouraging others to study it."

Chris said party workers were instructed in how to intimidate opponents. He went on: "We were told to find the names and addresses of anyone who campaigned against us. We'd put them under surveillance for several days, photographing them and watching their movements. Some had bricks through their windows and some even had deaththreats and were warned not to carry on. Griffin and Collett knew this was going on - it was talked about openly. In private, the party line is that the ballot is just a stepping stone and after that it will be taken by force."

Chris claimed the party was now being torn apart by jealous rivalries. He said: "Senior figures are at each other's throats, all vying for power and trying to discredit each other."

But he warned the BNP is still a force to be reckoned with at Thursday's polls.

Chris said: "The public may be appalled at MPs' expenses but the reason the BNP is targeting European seats is because of the wages and extortionate expenses members can claim. There's an agreement to claim the highest amount and divide the money between individuals and the party so there is more in the coffers for the next wave of elections. It needs to be stopped - and I hope it is not too late to stop British electors being fooled into voting for them."

He went on: "Having witnessed what I have, no one associated with it is to be trusted and every aspect of the party is devious. Behind the smart suits and the nice smiles are lies and deceit that will threaten our country."

Chris added: "Thousands of people will be thinking the BNP is an alternative to the other parties. But there is a dark side which we have to stop coming to power ever."

Griffin denied all the allegations and branded Chris a Labour mole.

He said: "This man is paid to tell lies about us by an organisation funded by the Labour Party."

He insisted he never said n*****s and only used P*ki to describe a type of street thug not the Muslim community.

And referring to the housing shortage he added: "Why on earth would I blame Pakistanis for a problem caused by Poles, Czechs and Nigerians?" Collett also denied Chris's claims, saying: "He clearly has a personal grievance. It's not what we stand for and the members would not tolerate these claims - they are utterly ludicrous.

"It is a politically motivated stunt on the eve of the elections."

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Anonymous said...

Which on of us Red scumbag filth took over Thurrock BNP's blog?

eric the fish said...

Yes, I got a bit of a shock when I clicked. Good job I wasn't in company at the time!
Would have been better if it had been replaced with some bunnies, oh I see.

Anonymous said...

All credit to this young man. He could have just walked away quietly, it takes courage to make a stand as he has done.

Anonymous said...

Yeah it definately looks like its been hacked into because none of that stuff on their is Nazi, Superb stuff well done.

Anonymous said...

Looks like this young man has grown up, good luck to him.


41 year old virgin said...

Lee Barnes is a virgin still!

Dawn P from Hither Green went close but his foresin was too tight!

Laugh a minute that bloke.

Anonymous said...

The BNP have a stated policy of putting on a respectable face - they understand only too well the harm the nazi image does and they are going out of their way to create a respectable public image HOWEVER it is all just a farce and does not change the inherent nature of the misfits who belong to this group of very threatened and disfunctional people who cannot take responsibility for themselves and must always find someone or something else to blame for their lot in life.

I am also horrified at their youth training camps - the government must put a stop to this - the very experience of the likes of this young man and Arthur Kemp's son should be enough evidence that this amounts to child abuse and should be acted against!

Bigger Picture said...

Voters who usually vote Labour should vote Labour in the Euro elections, of course to keep out the BNP, but also to maintain the habit of voting against the Tories. After June 4th there are likely to be many surprising developments in British politics. Gordon Brown is likely to go, making possible a Labour recovery and a Labour win at the general election. Such a Labour recovery would be fairly dependent on the Labour Party avoiding a collapse of support in the Euro elections.

Consider the matter. At the moment Gordon Brown blusters about guesses. He mentions non existent agreements. He is emphatically decisive about things that apparently annoy him a lot. In short he is going through the motions. He is simply not up to the job. Gordon Brown has not aged well, hard luck to him.

It is more or less impossible to imagine Gordon Brown being Prime Minister in 2015. Therefore he can’t contest the election in 2010. The Labour Party could not risk another Blair Brown leadership fiasco. By a process of elimination the next Labour Party leader has to be Ed Miliband. Any other leadership appointment would be weak or problematic. Ed Miliband in horse racing terms could be anything, and he has a good reputation.

THE POINT TO ALL THIS IS THAT A LABOUR PARTY RECOVERY IS POSSIBLE, BUT A LABOUR PARTY RECOVERY WOULD BE DEPENDENT ON A REASONABLE SHOWING IN THE EURO ELECTIONS. The British electorate should be enthusiastic about a Labour Party recovery for one simple reason. Labour politicians are likely to be a lot more willing to be accountable than Tory politicians.

Would you rather vote for a politician who is embarrassed about claiming for bath plugs, or vote for a politician who wants you to stock his moat with carp?

A Labour Party recovery would be dependent on the Labour Party having a reasonable showing in the Euro elections. And believe me, a Gordon Brown resignation could be one of the less surprising changes following on from the June 4th elections. However changes improving political accountability will not happen against a background of voter apathy.

We have all wanted more political accountability. Now we have got it. Don’t mess it up with voter apathy or by voting for extremist nutters. We could be at the start of a wonderful age of political accountability, a political accountability which could vastly improve public life in Britain.


Denise G said...

Everybody should get out and vote, regardless of party loyalties.

Green Gordon said...

@Bigger Picture
Don't you think for the Labour Party to reform they might need some time away from government?

What's the incentive to reform if people keep voting them in?

Why put the onus on the voter? The Labour Party MPs are responsible for their actions, and if they lose the election it is THEIR fault.

Bigger Picture said...

Thanks to Green Gordon for the comments. What I had in mind was less an urging to policy changes than a prediction. I think the Labour party will reform rapidly, or at least is capable of doing so. Labour Party politicians, members and supporters should not be as disheartened as they apparently are at present.

Labour voters should get out and vote, of course to lower the BNP’s percentage of the vote, but also with confidence that things could change rapidly for the better in British politics.